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A good start for the day

Was about to go to take mum on our weekly shopping trip to Clarinda when I received an email from Ian Farrington. Ian is the editor for mondyboy and I on the Doctor Who Short Trips collection A Day in the Life. He's a good bloke and, as far as Mondy and I are concerned, a good editor. We have rarely had any sort of problem with his suggestions, except for the ones where he likes our pitch, but wants a different companion.

Mondy and I in whiny voices "But it won't work with that person! The story was written to work with such and such..."

Six months later -"Why on Earth did we ever want to use such-and-such? I can't imagine the story with them, it would have been crap! Ian's a bastard. We hate him!"

So anyway, Ian liked Sold Out. Yay! That's important to me for a whole bunch of reasons. I know I can tell a story, but my self confidence in this department doesn't stretch to actually showing them to people. And I've never come close to writing at the level I'd like to be able to.

The two previous stories were thought up and co-written with Mondy. And that was great, we like working together. But this one was all mine, the pitch*, the writing, everything. And the fact that an editor I have respect for likes it means a lot. There was always the concern that I'd write a dog and Ian would be left thinking that the previous two were Mondy carrying his untalented mate. There were some small changes he asked for. Things like a name change for one of the characters, a clarification of a couple of elements... oh and a handful of paragraphs with monsters have to be rewritten from the ground up without actually featuring the monsters during this important character bit... You know the sort of thing.

I replied back on each of the points, turned off my computer and did a happy girlie dance across the room going "Ian liked my story!"


I'll will settle down to make the changes probably tonight after Sharon goes to bed. But needless to say, life is good.


*The pitch idea was actually from one of the twenty plus stories I came up with for the BBC Wales Research and Development Department's proposed CGI Animated series of Doctor Who. It's a long story but the simple version is our team were approached and it got a hell of a long way (just shy of proof of concept pilot) before dying due to financial problems. Which is fine because a few months later the new series was announced. I figure it's safe to talk about it now because, let's face it, no bugger cares! :)
I know I would much rather be watching live action DW put together by an experienced and professional team.
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