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10 years ago today...

10 years ago today... my dad died. I still miss him.

The vast majority of people on my livejournal never met him. I feel sad about this in the same way I feel sad about the people who never met Ian Gunn. Dad was a part of the vanishing Australia, Gunny was simply a unique individual. Both of them left gaps that can't be filled.

Gunny will hopefully continue to live on through his reprinted illustration and cartoons. They can only hint at the man we lost, but hopefully the newer fans will at least get that hint of him.

Dad will be forgotten eventually. He was an ordinary enough bloke in his way, not much left to be remembered. Except for me. I'm my father's son and that comes out in many of my attitudes and my sense of humour. I may not have class, but I hold in my heart the life I had to leave behind and a sense of the man my father was. And I can drive the car that we both drove together when we were drovers.

And I can always smile at that thought.

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