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Oh, how the Angels Weep!

The thing that has made my day is that the Wilbur Smith book I have on eBay got a bid today. I think it may be someone on my friends list, so if you'd like to start discussing your plans for the book, let's do it here :)

I've had more hits on this item than I have on anything else I've sold, probably because I want to destroy it.

This has inspired me.

I think we need to open this up to the world. I want you all to pimp my Wilbur Smith book for me. I'd normally be shy about doing this, but I don't actually expect to make any money from it, and it's a bit of fun. Plus given that it's sitting at 133 hits... I want to see it get to a 1000!

Let's try to create one of those internet phenomenoms. What should be our goal? 1000 hits? A mention on other websites that have nothing to do with me, my friends and eBay? Can we get, say, the military involved in the destruction of this book? Would Bert Newton or Rove destroy it for us?

It's rare that my flights of madness have an outlet... but blessed be the internet for giving me one :)

EDIT - Special thanks to hespa for travelling back in time and pimping my book 3 hours before I thought of it!

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