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This has never happened before, honest...

So today I left the house! Hopped on the train and paid a visit to Tiki, then kicked her out of her house so I could use her net connection and write while I have some quiet and concentration. I would have loved to have seen Fifth Element tonight, but getting to here pretty much wiped me out. Doesn't matter though, I saw the real world (tm) and lots of different faces and it was nice.

The doc has put me on Stemetil to try and deal with the dizziness and such while we wait the three more weeks for my neurologist appointment. I'm lucky, it's normally a three month waiting list, apparently. And that seems to be the reason for my increased mobility...

Started on the tablets on Monday. Tuesday I had trouble getting out of bed, and felt crap all day, and was still dizzy and headachey. Both nights I threw up bile into my mouth. You know, that never, ever gets old. Wednesday I didn't get up until almost noon, I was approximately fourteen times worse with the headaches and dizziness, well into non-functional territory. Not the worst I've been, but close to it.

Thursday and today... I've been good. Last time I was this good was one day, two weeks ago. The dizzyness is manageable in small doses and the headache is more background pressure than real pain! Woohoo! So tonight I sit here feeling ok. And I decided to look up my medication on the net. Doc had told me that it is often used for epilepsy and schizophrenia and such, but not to panic, in my case it's just being used for the dizzyness. Ok then, good.

Lalala... looking looooking... may cause unwanted facial ticks and spasms. Well, no-one would notice any difference with me and my overly expressive face... lalala... don't drink alcohol with it, that would be bad. That's okay, I think my last drink was a year or so ago... looking loooking...


May cause impotence!

So that's why... ahhhh...

While I've had this thing, my normally dangerous sex drive (God dammit, I want sex!... Bare breasts in I, Claudius woohoo!... Damn, that piece of timber has a mighty attractive knothole...) has been a little more relaxed. I've only been climbing the walls a few times a day and sex, when I had it, actually made me nauseous. Not a great incentive, but it didn't stop me.*

*See what Sharon has to live with? Pity her! And marvel at her patience!

But the last few days, Danny Junior hasn't wanted to join in! Oh the spirit's been willing, but the flesh has been very definitely weak. I can write about this with humour because, let's face it, it is very funny. I'd feel sorry for anyone else, but when it's me, it's funny. Very funny.

Ha bloody ha.


My energy goes in two main directions. Being creative and sex. Why do you think Skeletor/Hordak has had so much extra effort put in? Wait 'til you see the photoshopping that's been done on some of these. Check out Ming and the Emperor Dalek in today's strip! If I can't play Mr. Wobbly Hides His Helmet, I may as well do something else.

BTW, when you get to the strip where Skeletor doesn't get laid, you'll now know why. Yes, I wasn't going to suffer alone!

My main reason for writing about having a non-functioning Eight-Day Clock, is I'm comfortable with it, and I know that a lot of guys aren't. For a lot of guys Erect Penis = Manhood. I'm not structured that way. And I sort of figure if someone who is well known or liked... or, at least, tolerated... is actually ok with it, well hopefully if any of the folks on my LJ ever have a similar problem, they won't take it so seriously.

Also, it gives my dear friends a whole new area to pick on me about. And I'm 'up' for that!

So yes, my beloved is being spared her normal '30 seconds of joy' at the moment.

But once I'm off the meds, Look out baby!

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