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Masters of Horror

Watched the Masters of Horror episode 'Homecoming' yesterday, directed by one of my favs, Joe Dante, based on the short story 'Death & Suffrage' by Dale Bailey. It rocked! Satirical, biting, dark, sad, funny... and it has a great "oh shit!" moment towards the end.

The basic story is that soldiers from the Iraq war start returning to life in order to vote out the government that sent them to die needlessly. The story is mostly told from the POV of the Bush government as they try to deal with the problem.

Masters of Horror I'm finding very interesting. All the episodes to date have been based on short stories, no original teleplays. I like this approach for two reasons. One is that there's a tonne of available material out there, the other is you can pick your stories and, so long as the adaptation to tv is handled well, know that it's going to be good.

Like any anthology series, the quality is variable. Highpoint episodes for me have been 'Incident On and Off A Mountain Road', 'Jennifer' and 'Homecoming'. I pick these because the quality of story-telling, for me, complimented the subject matter. Incident and Jennifer are certainly more horrific than Homecoming, but Homecoming shouldn't have been overly horrific in the first place. We're meant to empathise with the zombie soldiers, and we do. Incident (dierected by Don Coscarelli) is nasty horror done well. Jennifer (Directed by Dario Argento) is, I suppose, mildly erotic horror.

A few more good episodes and I'll be adding this to my Must own the boxed set list.

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