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The silence...

Well, I still have no news. The report hadn't arrived yesterday. *grumble*

At this point I should thank those of you who have wished me well. Your kind wishes are appreciated. Truly.

All that said, I should let you all know than I am up for visits, especially from some of the beautiful women who've written expressing their sympathy *waggles eyebrows suggestively, before falling over*. I can happily sit on the couch and yak away, this doesn't seem to be contageous and I'm my normal self except that if I'm moving around I occasionally grab something to stop from toppling over. Besides, I'm going fucking stir-crazy people. LJ doesn't replace actual human contact.

Also I should explain why I don't like the sympathy thing so much - there are people way worse off than me. I don't class this as serious. I still have all my limbs, I can manage the pain, it's more frustrating than anything because I can't get about much at a point where I was really wanting to do things i.e. work, see V for Vendetta, Sharon, maybe join the Army Reserve...
And even if it does turn out to be serious, I'm still better off than many people. I remember dad as he died of cancer, just as he was starting to feel sorry for himself, he met a 9yo kid at kemotherapy who wasn't expected to make it. That's one of those things that has always stayed with me. Absolute worse case scenario, I've had four times as long as that kid, in reasonable health.

The other reason I don't like the sympathy thing is my mum. Every day, several times a day, she'll ask if I'm feeling better. I'm trying to get on with things, not define myself by how crap I feel. I'm still creating, even if it's just Skeletor Hordak. Constant reminders that I'm not well only help drag me towards depression, and I struggle with that when I'm not sick.

Normally I wouldn't have posted up about being crook at all, but since it's limiting me so severly, it's good to have that knowledge out there. I'm not good at saying no and very good at over-estimating how much I can realistically do without self-destructing. As it is I have things to do for C4, Conflux and Continuum Foundation that I'm just not getting to. Just dealing with Overton's has been exhausting and I'm still not getting the answers I need as they do that thing where they don't answer your actual question, but give you all the info you don't need. If I could drive, I would have gone there in person by now.

One big thing I'm thankful for. This hit after I got back to Melbourne. I can't imagine trying to drive (or be driven) from Perth back to Melbourne in this condition. It may well have ruined my desire to do future Nullarbor trips.

Got up this morning, went to loo, hopped back into bed and suddenly realised that there was no pain or dizziness! This is the first morning in a while where I haven't woken up in a bad way. Laid around for a while longer, couldn't sleep, got up. Wandered around for about five minutes with no problem whatsoever, then nearly fell over as the spinny head thing hit. Bugger! But I got a few good minutes and I still don't have a headache, so it's actually a pretty good day!

Funny thing is it comes after totally melting my brain last night on eBay. They had a special deal on gallery listings, so I took the chance to chuck up a bunch of stuff. Most of it's the little crap, of which I have much, until I have a good solid rating, then I'll start putting up the rarer items. But typically, with all the rare crap I have, what do we discover? A crappy old doll from the 70's (a Blythe doll to be precise) is worth hundreds of dollars even in poor condition! Ours is average. Not going to sell her, but may be a handy source of emergeancy income at some point. And while looking about I saw two comics were caught in a bidding war that had dragged them up to about $25, so I quickly threw my copies of those on.

eBay's been good to me. It allowed me to get rid of some stuff and the proceeds bought I, Claudius.

As I was downloading photos of crap quality merchandise to sell, there was one thumbnail that I couldn't quite figure out. Understand, the piccie was very small and my brain had well and truly melted by this point - but to me it looked rather like a turkey standing in front of a yellow hubcap type thing. I knew I hadn't taken it? Had Shaz? What was it?

Turns out it was a turkey.

Me, about to go into the moggy scan. I meant to put it up sooner but forgot, so here it is.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It has lasers that help line stuff up and the black bit in the middle is the bit that rotates. Not much more to say except that I'm tempted to doctor the pic in photoshop to turn it into a giant mouth, or stick a workhole in the middle or something.

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