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In recent times I had begun to think about starting a webpage made up entirely of the bad reviews that Mondyboy and I have gotten for our fiction. Ian and I have completely different reactions to negative criticism. He gets bent out of shape, I have a good laugh.

I'm all for constructive criticism. In fact I like people to go through my work and carefully point out what I've done wrong and how I could have done it better. That helps me improve as a writer which, at the end of the day, is good for everyone. But things that simply call the work rubbish and are generally insulting I just laugh at.

You want me to take your review seriously, then do a proper one instead of trying to show how cool you are. If you wouldn't say it to my face, please don't say it in print.

It's much harder to create than to destroy, that is the eternal nature of the universe. I don't claim to be a brilliant writer, but there are people who enjoy my work.

From time to time I'll post up one of my stories and I actively invite you all to send in your reviews. I may reply from time to time but I will not be drawn into online arguments and I will generally delete any postings that I consider to be overly personal attacks. This is my page after all, I have to live here.

No one sets out to write a bad story and some stories will always be better than others. If you don't like one of my stories, maybe it's simply because you have different tastes or missed the point.

Or maybe it's just badly written. We shall see.

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