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Migraine Day 5

Yep, I've had a bit of a headache for the last several days. Bloody annoying. Skin sensitive to the touch, eyes replaced by red hot coals, but it's not the worst I've had. Had some acupuncture which has taken the edge off.

But I'm not here for sympathy. Oh no, what I really want to talk about is the thing that is keeping me typing one handed. I've been playing with it for quite a while now, and have yet to tire of it. I wave it around, gleefully pointing the tip at things. If I point it at the dogs, they give me a reproachful look before walking away. Every time Sharon catches me playing with it, she can't help but smile.

Yes, it's my very own Sonic Screwdriver!

I would have written about it sooner, but I've been too busy playing with it to spend time typing.

It's great! You press the button, the end glows and it makes a passable sonic screwdriver noise. And the light in the end is ultraviolet! Oh, and it also acts as a pen. In fact it has two nibs, one regular, one UV.

And that's it.

But that's enough.

Because Doctor Who is now not only one of the coolest shows on TV, it now has the best toys! Okay, the sonic screwdriver may not sound like much, but to a ravening Doctor Who fan, this simple little toy brings a smile to their foam-flecked lips. Because you can point it at things and press the button and it will make a noise and light the thing with a weird glow!

Currently I'm slowly selling things off, in the hope of A) getting enough money to by more DW toys and B) getting enough room for my new DW toys. Remote control daleks! A Tardis interior playset! 5 Inch DW figures that don't suck bottom! The Dalek Battle Pack - two small remote control daleks that can shoot each other! Walkie-Talkies shaped like the 9th Doctor and a Slytheen...

Ok, that last one is just bloody stupid and I have no intention of ever beginning to consider the possibility of buying them. But on the bright side, I don't think I could have taken the stress if every new DW toy was brilliant. That said, how did the Walkie-Talkies get through? I mean, someone had to come up with the idea, then in theory several people had to approve the idea and then... Bizarre...

But all I really wanted to say is, I have a sonic screwdriver, and I'm a very happy fanboy...
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