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The Icelandic/Australian Cross-Country Adventure Day 7

Audioscape - Various weird animal noises, traffic, HHGttG Eps 11&12, Yet More TISM.

Woke up in the morning and answered that age old question... "If a Danny takes a dump in the forest, does anybody care?"

The answer is no.

This was the last day and I was struggling right out of the gate. Figuring out the tent was an effort. Headed off and down along the Great Ocean Road. Showed Karno more big rocks and then realised I was actually really tired and struggling, so curtailed the rest of the trip for safety. I wasn't going to be unsafe on the road any time soon, but the extra concentration and effort needed to negotiate hilly, winding roads was likely to tire me out a lot quicker.

At Lavers I turned towards Colac, got onto the freeway and headed for Geelong. TISM were doing their usual stirling job. What I discovered on this trip is that, no matter how tired I am, a TISM album wakes me right up! Better than caffiene! And I had my whole collection with me, which was fortunate because it meant Karno didn't have to hear the same record twice. Of course he'd couldn't understand half of what he did hear... and with TISM, if you don't live in the right suburb you can have no idea what they are singing about.

As we got into town, I filled up with gas and did the final numbers on how much we'd spent. I'd been carefully keeping track for the whole trip, I didn't want Karno paying more than his share of fuel and accommodation. So every time he gave me money towards stuff, or we spent money on those things, I noted it down. Did the math and I owed Karno $27.50.

BASTARD! Oh how I had tried to avoid owing him money. He kept offering me cash and I had to threaten his life before he'd stop giving it to me. I wanted him to owe me cash, just a little. $5 would have been enough. Just for the psychological feel of having done all the driving and at the end of it, getting some cash.

Told him how much I owed him and he suggested I keep it. What a nice guy :)

Dropped him off at the Hilton's and went on my way, home, shower and sweaty-snugglebunnies... not necessarily in that order.
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