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The Icelandic/Australian Cross-Country Adventure Day 6

Audioscape - Traffic passing by, roosters crowing as the sun comes up, HHGttG Eps 9&10, More TISM, random tunes from 50's, 60's, 70's & 80's.

After the best night's sleep I've had all trip, I woke up teeth grindingly horny and with a hell of a mongrel on. Arrrgghhh! Melbourne another night away! NOooooooooooooooooooo! I wanted sex, Karno was the nearest living thing, and he wasn't Johnny Depp or Yahoo Serious (from the Young Einstein days), nor was he female, red-headed or a nymphomaniac. We were near paddocks, but they contained no sheep. And I didn't even have the privacy to take the edge off!

I resigned myself to my frustration, got up, wandered about vaguely... and found a bag. It was made of fabric, closed and sitting not far from wear we set up camp. I looked inside and thousands of dollars failed to materialise. Instead there was a female's swimsuit, thongs, a book, reading glasses, an address book and some fruit that had been only lightly ant-ridden. Rang the number in the address book, spoke to the woman's daughter and organised for it to be collected from Sth Oakleigh.

Headed off and stopped in Keith for breakfast. Keith has a landrover on a pole! Forgot to show that to Karno, but I'm sure he'll survive. From there we headed to Naracoorte Caves. Got there just a smidgen too late to go on the really cool cave tours, but still got to the Wet Cave and the Bat/Blanche caves. There was a paleontologist called Tegan working on one of the caves. Her research was only intended to go back around 500 years, so effectively she's researching existing animals. Very cool.

Drove on to Mount Gambier, with it's road systems designed by M.C.Escher. We stopped there for dinner, then tried to leave. It took us half an hour to find a route out of the town. As I headed off, I was keeping my eyes open for a National park for us to camp in. Saw a sign for Princess Margaret Rose Caves, thought "that sounds very National or State parky" and headed down that road. And there were roos! Lots of them! I had seen one for the whole Nullarbor trip, and now we had to slow right down because there were dozens of the buggers. Karno was very happy, he'd eaten one earlier that night, and now he got to see what they were like before they ended up on his plate.

Got to the office, they were closed, with no previsions for getting into the camping section or getting permits outside of office hours. So we drove back to the main highway again... but arrived back in Mount Gambier! So we headed off again, passed the sign for Princess Margaret Rose Caves, then a short while later, passed another sign for it. Then a third. Finally we were well away, the recursive occlusion behind us.

Headed down another little road, and eventually pulled up near a pine plantation and made camp there. Put the tent up and it started to drizzle, so added the fly. Woke up at 4am to it bucketing down rain. But otherwise slept ok.
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