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The Icelandic/Australian Cross-Country Adventure Day 5

Audioscape - Quiet snoring, roosters crowing as the sun comes up, Spirits of the AIr, Gremlins of the Clouds soundtrack, yet more TISM, Battlestar Galactica Season 1 soundtrack, HHGttG Eps 7&8.

Bloody hell! There I was, looking forward to a good night's sleep, but my insomnia had other ideas. I'd set the clock for 7am, and went to bed by 11pm, so was looking forward to a good solid kip. Nope! Woke up every hour to hour and a half until 4am, then could not go to sleep. Feeling fine as I type this up at 6:15, but would have preferred a solid nights sleep anyway, so I don't have to worry about becoming tired on today's leg of the journey.


Left Kimba, pausing only briefly to sacrifice a baby to the Giant Galah, then continued on to Iron Knob. It's interesting, there's only 80 odd kilometres between Kimba and Iron Penis, but the land changes dramatically in the space. From Lots of closely packed bushland to red sand, scattered saltbush and scrub.

Got to Impressive Cock and the guy we had for the tour was Ray, the chap Tiki and I had met previously. He's a lovely old bloke and it was a pleasure to see him again. The tour wasn't as interesting as I may have hoped, basically we just drove around the town and went up to the top of the mine and Ray pointed out out stuff and told little stories. But hey, for $3, who's complaining? And the view alone was worth it!

Left Giant Metal Fuck-Stick and headed for Port Augusta and a net connection! Woo! Checked mail (365 emails, not including spam!), posted up a couple of bits of this log, ate, and headed on our way to Adelaide and dinner with Sean Williams.

Sean, ever the gracious host, took us to his restaurant, the one he was given when he was six. We ate and chatted, it was nice. I realised on this trip why it is I like Sean, it's not his boundless wealth or the fact that he's great in bed (errr... so I hear...) it's his enthusiasm. Sean is one of those people who gets really passionate, enthusiastic and excited about things. So many people the average reaction is along the lines of "Oh, that's interesting." whereas Sean's eyes will light up and he'll almost yell "That's fantastic! That's brilliant!" and then laugh happily.

Left Adelaide and drove on until we found a little roadside stop just beyond Murray Bridge. Set up the tent and crashed out.
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