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The Icelandic/Australian Cross-Country Adventure Day 4

Audioscape - Waves crashing against cliffs, a very solid thunk, The Residents, TISM, Lexx soundtrack, Battlestar Galactica (Miniseries) soundtrack, HHGttG Eps 5&6, Dean Gray - American Edit.

Up at 4am to get our collective crap together to go and photograph yet another boring old sunrise over the Great Aussie Bight. Ho hum, it was beautiful again. Who honestly cares about seas glowing gold while majestic cliff faces march off into the distance? *sigh*

From there we drove to Nullarbor roadhouse for brekky, then on we went. Was going to show Karno Yalata, then I wasn't, then was, then wasn't and then finally as it came into view, was. But the decision was made for me when I saw that it was all freshly boarded up. So much for that!

Paused briefly in Penong to eat one of our donkeys, then on to Ceduna where I got the number for the Iron Knob mine tour, and the times. My mobile had no coverage in Ceduna so we headed on and about 10kms out of town suddenly had messages arrive! Stopped the car and replied to a couple, rang Shaz and rang Iron Cock. Arranged for a tour of the Metal Phallus mine for 10am the next day. The tour guide will actually be lucky enough to sit in my beautiful car as we go around the Childish Innuendo mine. Woo!

It was basically a day of driving. Made good time so kept pushing on, partially so I can get back to Melb and female companionship. Karno in a dress just isn't the same, while still good company. He reckons I drag up beautifully, probably due to my good child-bearing hips, which make up for the rest of my lack of shape.

The polite, rotting, cadaverous shades that live at Minnipa have asked me to visit on my own again one day. I'll see what I can do, since they asked so nicely.

The Belwood is going great, it's cruising at around 105kph without straining, sometimes I'm dropping to around 95, but generally I'm over the tonne. In fact I'll have to be careful when I get back to Victoria and the land of the 100 speed limit. Be very easy to go over. Only reason I'm not trying to do 110 is that 105 is fast enough. It's comfortable and the extra 5kph would save only 3 min per hour. So I miss out on boiling an egg, big deal.

As it was, collected a bird on the way to Kimba. It was in the middle of the road in the distance, I swung wide to the left, took my foot off the accelerator and got ready to brake in case I needed to. The bird took off, flying away from my car, then suddenly swung back and across in front of us. There was a thunk from the windscreen/roof area and the bird vanished over our heads. Turned around and went back to see if it could use help or death, but it was nowhere to be found, so hopefully it wasn't badly hurt.

Have stopped in Kimba for the night. Not camping, wanted a room with a shower after a hard day's drive. 800km. Girl who served as hotel receptionist was cute, with beautiful eyes. When we couldn't get our key out the room's front door she came and tried to help us. The room actually has two doors and she suggested that we could put the chain on the front door and just lock the other door behind us if we went out. It took me a while to make her understand that this would mean that we wouldn't be able to get into the room. Eventually she realised and gave me another key. She's still cute and huggable, and maybe she was just having a bad day, but the fact that it took her so long to realise why I had a problem with her solution more or less killed any desire I had to let her ride the pink toboggan.

Please don't tell her, she'll be devastated.
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