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The Icelandic/Australian cross-country Adventure Day 2

Audioscape - The splat, splat, splat of locusts; the hiss of the radiator; the satisfied sound of a Holden owner doing over the tonne; Big Pig (both albums); Fifth Element soundtrack and HHGttG Eps 3&4.

Woke up after a good night's sleep at around 6am as the sun came up. Beautiful. Lots of interesting bugs at the stop, too! After packing up the tent and giving Karno some saltbush to try, we headed off.

Detoured into the Frasier Range Sheep Station. The have Demara sheep there, an African breed that live on dead vegetable matter, have wool that is high quality and easy to remove, and store their fat in their tails, so their meat is nice and lean. Why don't we have lots more of them in the country?

Last time around, I didn't have the chance to see any of the sheep. But this time I did! It was... slightly disappointing. They look very close to our sheep, the most obvious difference being in the construction of their tails. They have more attitude than our sheep, too. Most of the small group we saw stomped at us, rather than one or two. Also got to check out the old shearing shed, with it's old wood and corrugated iron construction, shearing combs and brightly coloured toys.

From there we headed off to Belladonia, then on to Caiguna and it's ever loveable blowhole. The new improved Belwood, recently worked on by the wondrous guys at Auto Masters, has been running significantly better than it has since I got it back on the road. It'll easily do 110kph now without straining or overheating. On the way to Caiguna, we attacked two separate swarms of locusts (30km apart) with my white Holden. The Belwood won, its front end stained greeny/yellow with the ichor of its defeated foes. Their vengeance was to clog the radiator with their bodies, causing us to use a bit of water. But my superior Holden technology meant that I merely had to slow down to 100kph to halt the water use! Ha!

Stopped at Cocklebiddy so we could visit the caves, but apparently they were closed, the huge amount of recent rain having left them unstable. So bang goes my plans to start building my new underground lair this trip *sigh*

Got to Madura and I took more pics of the old homestead and a couple of spiders. The wall with a window I wanted to use to take a picture is gone, another victim of all the recent rain. I buggered up the pic last time around, now I shall never get another chance. Curse you fate! Curse you! First my cave, now my window!

Around 60km out of Eucla the odometer on the Belwood ticked over to all zeroes as I was talking with Karno about Ian 'Gunny' Gunn. It was kind of appropriate as I first crossed the Nullarbor with Gunny and James 'Jocko' Allen 17 years ago. I'm sad to realise that there are fans reading this that have never known Gunny's gentle but mischievous wit, his delightful cartoons, or that wonderful personality and mind. I have yet to meet his equal or equivalent, and suspect I never shall.

Drove on to Eucla. I love Eucla, Eucla makes me happy. Got in at around 8:30 local time. All is good. Karno has the double bed, meaning that if he sleeps diagonally he almost fits.

A good night to be had, sleeping in a bed after a long day's drive. Staying here tomorrow because it's Eucla and it calls to me.
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