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Swancon and beyond

Well, for me the con was stressful but good. I take the whole guest thing very seriously, so do my best to be well-prepared for the panels I'm on and to also try to be around the con and available to chat with fans old and new. Did less of the chatting than I would have liked, because I seemed to be constantly preparing or resting up for my next panel. I didn't feel I could really chill until after North Pole Tonight on the Sunday, so Sunday night was my only room party visit of the con.

The guests were all good. There aren't many guests who would leave the con to visit fans who had become sick or injured and so couldn't attend. That should give you a fair insight into Ippongi, Larry and Mercedes as people. As guests they were fun and engaging. Larry and Mercedes are now in my list of perfect or near perfect guests for cons. And it's a very short list.

The con ran well, some hiccups here and there, but most cons have that. Certainly there were more first-timers at this Swancon than I had seen in several years. So they got the word out. Special mention goes to their programmer Stephen Griffiths for a good program and for, to be blunt, working his ring off. I don't think I ever saw the guy at rest.

Met and chatted with a bunch of newbies. Alicia was engaging and I'm looking forward to some sort of occasional contact with her. Micheal was an enthusiastic costumer (yeah, I know, everyone calls it cosplay now, well I'm an old bastard and wore my first costume to a con when most of these folks were still in nappies(1), I'll call it what I bloody well want, I was here first) I got some good chatting time with him on the last day of the con. When I first met him he was dressed as Corbin Dallas and was accompanied by a nice young lady called Franchesca (hope that's the right spelling) who was dressed as Leeloo in the white outfit. I'm sure many of the folks reading this will share my joy that we finally got to see that outfit on an attractive woman!

It was one of those bizarre situations because Franchesca wanted me, as a guest, to sign her outfit. I have no nudity taboos and am generally pretty comfy with physical contact, but I know that doesn't count for most people. Franchesca was wearing the bandage outfit, there's not a lot of it, and most of what there is is covering erogenous zones! Someone (I think it was my wife!) suggested I sign her bandaged boob but I decided that, as much as I would love to have some sort of fleeting and indirect contact with her breasts, that I should err on the side of discretion and sign her shoulder blade. Yes I know, I must now hand in my Red-Blooded Aussie Male Perve badge *sigh* However, If I have somehow missed some subtle signal and managed to deeply disappoint the young lady, she can let me know and I'm sure I can make my appologies and we can address the situation.

Didn't really get to talk to Kim and Steff until Hogsbreath Cafe, and then not for as long as I would have liked(2). Saw them through the con and recognised them as people I didn't know and who seemed to be getting right into the whole con thing. Kim was a very active bidder at the auction and I saw her at a lot of panels or events. Steff seemed (to my limited experience of her) a lot quieter, but still personable and enjoying the con. So it was nice to get to say a few words at Hogsbreath. It was also nice to get hugs from Alicia and Kim, who are both sweeties, and Steff who's one of those women I find achingly beautiful.

So it's been an interesting trip. On one hand I've missed out on catching up on some of my key Perth friends (some didn't make it to the con, some have been hard to get a reply from), on the other I have actually met some new people, which is always nice.

Friday Karno, the two metre tall Icelandic Living God cartoonist and I start to drive back to Melbourne. I'm looking forward to it. I think we're going to dance naked on the Nullarbor together.


(1) Michael was 26, so I went to my first MSFC meeting around the time he was born. Eeep! I'm such an old bastard!

(2) The reason I didn't get to talk to them as long as I would have liked was that Hogsbreath shut 10:30pm. The sign at the front said they were open 'until late'. If I'd known that 10:30 was late I would have dragged myself painfully away from Dave Cake's wonderful Burning Man pictures and chatted to them sooner. *grumbles* 10:30! Late! Ha!
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