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Mum's passing

My mum passed away on Wed 22nd, after a very short illness.

Basically her kidneys shut down, so she simply slept more and more until finally she didn't wake up.  Went into hospital on Mon morning and died Wednesday night.  Every time I visited her, she was snoring peacefully away in exactly the same way she tended to at home.  She'd wake briefly now and again, and so she got to tell the kids she loved them one last time when they gave her a hug.

It's sad, as any passing is, but she was 79 which is a good age.  And she lived with us for over a decade, so she was well-looked after and got to see her grandchildren almost every day.  The last few years she went travelling with the kids and I during school holidays to see relatives and visit places like Broken Hill, Parkes, and Phillip Island.

We're having a small memorial on Monday 4th May at 11:15am.  It will be held at the Wilson Chapel of the Springvale Botanical Cemetery, 600 Princes Highway Springvale (GPS -37.944778, 145.174582).  It will be quite informal in tone.  If anyone has something they'd like to say at the service, just let me know.

Afterwards, Sharon's mum Carol has kindly offered her place in Aspendale for chat and finger food, so those who wish to can head back there.  Contact me directly for address details, or you can get them on the day.

Please remember if you're contacting me, email is the least effective way as I'm a slack bastard who never checks it.  SMS, phone calls, or Twitter (DannyDangerOz) are often the most effective ways.

Thank you to everyone who has expressed offers of help and their condolences - it means a lot.

Thank you especially to my fabulous wife Sharon who has done most of the heavy lifting on this, allowing me to sit and be numb - I couldn't want for a better or more supportive partner.

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