dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

Climbing out of my hole, and blinking in the light

Been a little bit quiet.  Partially life, partially... well life.  Mostly depression kicking my arse. But seem to be mostly back to an even-ish keel at the moment.

Depression's funny, in that definition of funny that includes unexpected bowel surgery with no anaesthetic.  Oh the ways I find to beat myself up because of a little faulty brain chemistry. Oh the hilarity!

There's a whole bunch of stuff I've been wanting to write about for ages.  This post will not be any of that.  I think one of the reasons I don't get to LJ when I'm depressed is because here is where I like to talk about my life - and when down, I don't want to talk about me or my life because I'm not happy in those things.

For stuff I have been talking about you can check out dalekboy.com.  Posted, and am posting, a few bits up there, including ongoing reviews of films that fit into the broad and hard to define 'cosmic horror' genre.  And lots of Doctor Who, of course.

Took the kids to Canberra to see The Day of the Doctor in 3D on the big screen.
Good episode, and better and more effective use of 3D than the vast majority of Hollywood films.  Made a big day of it - caught up with no less than five different people through the day, bought the kids a couple of DW related toys, played at a park for ages... it was good!

Also made a point of thanking my kids.  Without them I wouldn't have gone to see Day of the Doctor at the cinema.  I wasn't confident that Moffat wouldn't end up giving us one of his frankly weak efforts that's all cool and no story.  As it was, I enjoyed the film, enjoyed seeing it with my kids, thought the 3D was good, and loved seeing other fans wandering about.  So a big win.


As you can see, TLex and GodZoe enjoyed their presents.  In fact they are swapped for the picture - GZ wanted got the cuddly Matt Smith, TL got the Dalek Mr. Potato Head.

Beyond that... Had to have Kal put down.  At 17 years his body and brain were wearing out in ways that meant his quality of life wasn't good any more.  Aside from that and my depression, most things are good

Off to Sydney this weekend to see Splendid Chaps do one of their podcasts, so looking forward to that.  Going on my own, too, which is good.  I need the break that driving for several hours in the car on my own brings.

Cheers, my dears!
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