dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

At the Farm

Today has been slow but good. Worked on some art for the artshow, though Tiki has explained that a sculpture of John Howard made from fresh peacock poo may be art and political commentary, but probably wasn't appropriate for Swancon.

Been trying to get some writing done, but it's been slow going. I'm a bit tired after having woken up at dawn, and so easily distractable. My current distraction is Triplanetary by E.E. 'Doc' Smith. Was hard to get into but once I got used to the style, it's actually rather a good read.

I have a private project. I'm making myself read books that I haven't gotten around to reading, and every time I finish one I get to reward myself by rereading a Pratchett or a Sean Williams. It's a good system, the only flaw being that there are times I resent making myself start something else when what I really want to do is read the next SW or P.

The farm has a fabulous collection of sf&f books, but I've yet to track myself down a copy of Privateer. There was one here but it appears to have vanished.

I've met and photographed some nice insects here on the farm. My favourite was a small praying mantis called Phil, who was first discovered climbing up Tiki's leg while looking for crabs. Took it outside and got some nice pics. The leg, not the mantis. Tiki hasn't figured out why she keeps falling over yet.

Shhhh... it's funny ;)
Tags: travel

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