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Oh the pain

So, do I win my award for father of the year yet?

One of the things I like doing is introducing my kids to all sorts of different stuff.  They've been exposed to a variety of artists, song, and music styles - classical, Dutch progressive metal, pop, rock, The Beatles, Elvis, Big Pig, Jean Michel Jarre, blues, show tunes, Indian, Celtic, The Residents, the KLF, country and western, a good range of stuff from the 1930s to now...  It's all in an effort to let them find their own loves and likes by giving them the broadest possible base.

And it's worked well.  They like a big range of stuff, but I've been aware of a couple of big gaps.  So I've done some research, and am starting to go through a chunk of stuff I'm unfamiliar with in order to have some around for them.

I'm speaking of... rap.

So I did some reading up to find artists whose work wasn't filled with profanity, sex, drugs, or belittlement of women.  And now I'm going through some of it.  Oh my god, I really do hate it.

Not all rap, I've always had one or two songs I liked, but I was never fond of the vast majority, and yeah, this is like pulling teeth - by reaching in through my ears with large pointy spinning things.  Covered in steel wool.

And lemon juice.

I don't mind it musically.  But so much of the songs seem to be, "I'm going to sing on this subject, mention my name numerous times, talk about how amazingly awesome I am, how much better I am than everyone else, and here's a little bit more on the subject, and by the way I'm sooooo amazing."

And all I can think is that people who are really good at something - jokes, sex, fighting, writing, cooking, science, tiddly-winks - don't need to keep bloody telling you. So much rap seems to be sung by wannabe tough guys and Lotharios telling you how great they are.  It just makes me want to chuck.

Kids, if in the far off distant future you're reading about this - you bloody owe me!
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