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Photo catch-up

Okay, so as promised a few recent pics of the kids.

Like all little girls, GodZoe loves Batman and superheroes in general.  And the colour blue.

Like all little boys, T-Lex likes his princess hat, dresses, and the colour pink.

Here they are helping me clean the kitchen cabinets the other week.  The kitchen floor got a good soaking.

Here I am at this year's Swancon, and raising money for ovarian cancer.  Bidding had stopped when I reminded people my head could be shaved in any way they wished :)

I can't wait until my beard is completely grey so I can really pull off the grumpy old man look.  Also I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the temp tattoo being there makes me tempted to put my real one there whenever I get around to getting it. :)

And my zombie children at Continuum this year.  We're going to scare the crap out of the lackadaisical trick or treaters we get around town this Halloween.

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