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Twitter Mini Stories 13

Okay, another 21 twitfics. This brings me up to 312! I'm a bit pleased with that. Back on depression medication, due mainly I think to 5 deaths and 1 near-miss this year. Otherwise, doing okay. Will do a proper catch-up post at some point.

Ellen always knew when someone was going to die. It annoyed her so much, she sometimes killed people early, just to screw with fate.

While Sarah loved her ability to fly, and late at night loved flying naked, the chill at higher altitudes mostly put her off.


The small figure enters the dark backyard, dragging a big sack. Grabbing a shovel, Timmy starts to dig a hole for the foolish closet monster

Magician Postadee found a way to bottle pure joy. To get some, you had to bring 2 bottles, 1 for you, & 1 for him to give away to a stranger

One night Sarah wondered aloud if the sun were shy, as it never spoke to her.
"Oh you big silly," said the moon, "suns aren't alive."

Magician Postadee found people suggesting he should sell Bottles of Joy a bit odd. Couldn't they understand giving joy is its own reward?

"Don't do that."
"Do what?"
"You know."
"Don't do that!"
"It's not me!"
"Then who...?"
"Not. Me. Wait... Where's the gluck?"

The morgue fairies play, or so we are told,
Running over skin, and bodies gone cold,

Examining dead eyes, kissing lips turned blue,
They love new playthings, and are waiting for you.

Joe took a photo of his lunch, tweeted it, then ate resentfully. The only things worth sharing in his life were ephemeral, & made by others.

Jill logged into Facebook, checked her timeline, & found she'd died. She was quite upset - now what would happen to her crops on Farmville?

"I don't wanna go to school! All the kids hate me!"
"No they don't."
"Yes they do!"
"Well you've to go dear, you're the headmaster."

"I don't want to go to school - the other kids hate me!"
"But you're made of chocolate."
"They say I don't taste right 'cos dad was carob."

Grace, who worked at the local 7/11, was surprised to find she'd won the US election by write-in vote.
"Well, it's nice to be appreciated."

The greatest trick the Devil ever played was when he short-sheeted God's bed.

They vanish as you wake, leaving you wondering and confused. But while you sleep, they stand over you and perform... http://t.co/XvcyVXrN

Ben gave his torturer a breakdown by staying silent, only to scream, "You never really loved me, did you?" whenever the pain got too much.

...& all they found of XM35 were some small flecks of rust. They say the robot who took him still prowls the junkyard. #RobotCampfireStories

When they exited the vehicle, they found a Mark 3 Disassembler Claw attachment dangling from the rear entrance door. #RobotCampfireStories

...& when they found the casing, it had overheated & seized solid, because it had been completely drained of lubricant #RobotCampfireStories

From beneath the desert sands, the desiccated bodies and bones of centuries of the dead burst forth - It was the time of blooming again.

Malcolm danced down the street, encouraging others to join in. Soon thousands of dancers were moving through the city like a joyous flood.
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