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Twitter Mini Stories 12

I know I've been super-quiet - things happening, sick kids, depression, being exceptionally pretty, they've all eaten into my time.  But here are 22 more little moments and stories before I go to bed. 

If you like any, please let me know, it's good for my fragile ego - it's also interesting seeing what strikes a chord with some folks :) 

Oh and for the curious, the TMS tag will take you to the eleven previous instalments.

"Wormy Time!" cried Katy happily, tearing off her clothes and jumping into the writhing contents of her bath tub.

Hungrily stalking her all night, the vampire was ready to attack when she dropped a book - a copy of Twilight. He lost his appetite & left.

Every night the race car driver had the same nightmare - no matter what he did, he couldn't out race the little Nash Rambler.

Jo liked her breasts - their feel, their shape. Sighing happily she set about cleaning up the mess & removing the unwilling donor's corpse.

Little did the Trick or Treaters who visited Gail know, every lolly had been rubbed in her armpit hair before being meticulously rewrapped.

Kids loved Dr. Rob at Halloween as he always had the best lollies. Rob saw it as an investment in his future - he was the town dentist.

After nearly a decade, Sid gave up on trying to hide apples in razor blades.
His decision single handedly closed the local band-aid factory

At Halloween, daemons appear disguised as little kids with sheets over them, pretending to be ghosts. Offer raw meat to make them leave.

Every Halloween in Metropolis, Superman goes from door to door in his outfit. He doesn't do it for sweets, he just likes the compliments.

Batman goes door to door every Halloween. He likes to pretend the adults complimenting him on his Batman outfit are his parents.

Aquaman stopped going door to door every Halloween. He found explaining who he was again and again too depressing.

Catwoman still dresses as Meg from Little Women every Halloween. She says she finds the outfit sexy.

Every Halloween the tooth fairy gets drunk at a bar, goes home with a stranger, and has hate sex about the money the holiday will cost her.

The Devil likes to dress up as a woman in a slutty devil outfit, seduce homophobes, and change back halfway through the sex.

Then there was that Halloween where the LHC dressed up as the Death Star... Fun times!

Every Halloween a handful of guys end up in hospital due to hitting on the real Wonder Woman because of her 'slutty' costume.

George dropped the ox tongue he'd been preparing for dinner onto the floor a 3rd time, & reflected sadly on his inability to hold his licker

The abominable snowman is a shy and timid creature that shuns human contact, mainly due to its obvious and embarrassing comb-over...

"They're cold-blooded killers! We need a cull! I live here & I've had one swim right by me!"
"Humans are scary," said the other shark.

"Right," said God, "time to answer some prayers and make it clear that I not only exist, but that I - Ooh pretty!"

The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing politicians that Climate Change didn't exist.

When asked why they landed in Costa Rica, & not a more powerful or important country, the alien ambassadors replied, "Its people are happy."
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