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Quick New Who List

Been having twitter convos with the lovely folks at Police Box Paradox podcast, and was asked about my fav story from the latest season.  Oddly it's Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. No overt or forced arc stuff, no Amy being a horrible selfish cow, it's self-contained, makes sense, and most importantly, emotionally involving.

Oh it's not perfect. It's got a reasonable list of stuff that doesn't work, but where it does work is that the story it's telling is actually about Brian Williams' awakening. By the end we're watching a character who doesn't like to go down the street to the shops re-evaluating his life over a cuppa as he watches his planet turn beneath him.  This change is one of the most moving in the show's history, and it works.

I'm not a fan of Chibnall. It would be fair to say I hate the man's writing and usually think of it as substandard, but he nailed this story because he made me care.  When Solomon is talking about the fate of the Silurians, it was like a gut-punch. I was truly horrified by his actions.  When the triceratops is brutally killed, I was upset.  And when we see the postcards from Brian on Amy and Rory's fridge, I was over-joyed.

These elements engaged me enough to help me ignore the stupid stuff.  I've watched it twice and it made me cry both times.  That's drawing me in.

Asylum didn't.  Amy being selfish again in that what Rory wants never matters.  Oswin's situation being telegraphed.  So many lost opportunities with the ideas present in the story.  I actually think it should have been a two parter - the story needed more creepy Dalek stuff and less running around. I would certainly have ended it mostly the same, but with the mad Daleks escaping - given how scared the Daleks were of them, it lends itself to so much immediate and future drama.  Instead it went the mostly predictable route, which is fine, but didn't emotionally connect with me at all.

Anyway, he's a list of what are, for me, some of the high points of New Who. If they don't connect with me emotionally, they tell a good story, or work in other ways.  There are other stories I enjoy, but these are my stand outs.  Forget the original series, these are the reason I judge other stories so critically - the show can be this good, can tell stories that make sense and aren't solved with the sonic screwdriver or a hand wavey 'timey wimey' explanation, can take us on a character's emotional journey, or make us experience our own wonders, despairs, and joys.

End of the World
Empty Child/Doctor Dances
Christmas Invasion
School Reunion
Girl in the Fireplace
Impossible Planet/Satan Pit
Human Nature/Family of Blood
Voyage of the Damned
Partners in Crime
Fires of Pompeii
Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead
Turn Left
Waters of Mars (but you really have to turn off before the Ood appears)
Eleventh Hour
Vincent and the Doctor
The Lodger (but would have been even funnier with Meglos as the bad guy, as originally intended!)
Christmas Carol
The Doctor's Wife
The God Complex

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