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Twitter Mini Stories 11

20 more mini-ficlets. Had to add a word to two of them - you could tell what was meant to go in the spot, but it annoyed me that I'd missed the error in getting them down to 140 characters, so bugger it. Two go over, deal with it!

I have a slightly odd surreal brain, which I often hold in check to some degree.  But I watched some Mighty Boosh last night, and it reminded me I don't need to hold back.  So to me, from the super Drongo piece on it gets a bit weirder... truthfully, I'm not sure there actually is any difference, but it feels like it to me.

It took ages to get rid of the snake. Kim only had a very dull pocket knife, & worse, the reptile had disguised itself as part of her intestine.

Bruce’s death was a surprise, not the least when it turned out Bruce was a woman. Still it explained a lot, especially the pregnancy.

Cassie blew her nose & glanced briefly at the contents in her handkerchief. As she suspected - gold coins, two bicycles, & a garden gnome.

Erik had taken his transformation into a bull terrier well, but had to admit the lack of variety in sexual positions was getting to him.

Jill glanced up & saw herself at 14, looking in through the window. The teen indicated Jill’s husband, & mimed vomiting. Jill nodded sadly.

He'd built it secretly, but of course they'd found out. As punishment, God's parents forbade him from going near his Universe ever again.

She didn't like glasses, he got contacts. She changed his hair, clothes, likes, friends, job, & home. She said she didn't like him. He faded

The virus hit & made people wish for zombies. Zombies weren't alive. They didn't giggle as they hunted you, caught you, tore you apart...

In death it was clear - all his solid excuses & reasons to not try the many things he was curious about were merely thinly disguised fear.

Constant companion & witness to all the things she'd been too afraid to do. Regret. It ate her & loved how the excuses made her flesh bitter

The review said her dancing was sublimely beautiful & elegant. Kay wept tears of joy because they never once mentioned her prosthetic legs.

Folks called Bert an idiot- he couldn't read or write. But he enjoyed life, could make any engine purr, & build an entire house from scratch

"I know this is a little confronting," said God to the scientist, "But welcome! I only let people with open & enquiring minds into heaven."

The wolves closed in. Suddenly a figure appeared in a nearby tree. It was his Procrastination Fairy! Quickly, she pulled out a book, & began to read.

The zombie paused, sniffed Sid, & turned away. He was relieved, but couldn't help feeling insulted too - most people were funny about Vegans

When the super Drongo danced, the monkeys cried tears of joy.

The song stuck in his head slowly rewrote him to match it. Sadly, it was trite and clichéd.

After his unfortunate accident with the bacon slicer, Neil & his 47 pieces formed The Fragment Fraternity, a dance group & doo-wop combo.

May couldn't afford to get a doctor in for a house call, which was sad. The kitchen's rash was worse, & the pustule in the lounge had burst.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that God existed.
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