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The Full Katy Manning

The original post can be found on my Doctor Who webpage. This is a very slightly edited version with less pictures, but it does have the one NSFW (the nudity is mild, and silly, but better safe than sorry) picture of yours truly that is the point of the piece.

So here’s the thing.  Chuck McKenzie had a Dalek on loan in his shop, Notions Unlimited.  I had to go down to Melbourne for a funeral, so I was going to make time to drop in, both to see Chuck and the Dalek.  Then a mutual friend, Helen, posed naked with the Dalek, and I realised two things – Chuck was totally okay with the idea, and I was so doing this!

But with all due respect to Helen, I was a little disappointed when I saw her pics.  Full credit to her for doing it!  So many people would talk about it and never have been game to actually go through with it.  It’s not about the nudity in the same way that pulling the famous ‘King of the World’ pose from Titanic is not about seriously thinking you look as good doing it.

You see, I’m an obsessive fanboy purist.  I get annoyed when people call the TARDIS central column the ‘Time Rotor,’ when the first time that device is mentioned, Vicki is clearly pointing to part of the console, not the central column.  I hate the whole ‘six people to fly a TARDIS’ thing, when the console was originally designed to be operated by one person, and there are plenty of Time Lords shown to be working their ships fine without five helpers.

And I don’t think you can really claim to have done the ‘Full Katy Manning’ without doing your best to replicate the original iconic pose.

I can prove it is an iconic photo a few ways.

If you say something like “that shot of Katy Manning,” anyone who has seen it knows exactly which picture.

If you ask anyone who has ever seen the nudes of Katy, they probably won’t be able to describe any of the other poses, but they can more or less show you how she was draped over the Dalek.

Plus, someone has done it in Lego with a minifig, and you still know exactly what it’s meant to be the moment you see it!

The last way I can prove it is, there is in fact a different pose she did with the Dalek, and while it’s a reasonable pose, it’s just not the same.  Very few people would think of that pose if you mentioned Katy nude with the Dalek.

My pose is all self-shot, as Chuck McKenzie decided he wanted to avoid seeing my mini-Kaled mutant.  I’m lucky in that I have great proprioception, so once I had gotten an idea of how the pose felt, I was able to replicate it easily.  I took a lot of photos with minor variations in order to get enough coverage so that one of them would have to be fairly close.

Sadly, because I was rushed in getting down to Melbourne, and had other things on my mind, it didn’t occur to me to grab a big pair of boots to wear.  Oh well, next time.

You hear that Chuck? Next time!

Anyway, here is yours truly, going the Full Katy Manning with a Dalek!

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