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Twitter Mini Stories 10

Been a while. Post Continuum I seem to have been constantly playing catch-up on just about everything, and not doing a great job. However, I have gotten a handful of these 140 character pieces written. So, here's the next 16, which brings me up to 248 so far. To see the previous posts you can click on the tms tag, to see the latest batch, click below...

Mel reached for the bug spray & gave the kitchen a liberal dose. Pretty soon the room had all manner of insects covering every surface.

Sid pressed the down button, and descended into terrible depression.

The painting waited patiently in the hotel room. Eventually someone would step close enough, look deeply enough, & then it would take them.

In a cave is a door. Its carvings seem to move, but only when you don't look directly at them. It isn't locked, but no-one tries to open it.

Doug discovered a biography of his life in the library. Skimming to the point where he saw the book, he found he was afraid to read further.

Sarah floated among the clouds, trading limericks with the moon. She longed to fly to it, but had no protection from the vacuum of space.

"Today's been as bad as any other day," said the newsreader. "So instead of presenting news, I'm going to read Where Is The Green Sheep..."

Barely a shot was fired when the aliens invaded. The corporate governed future led to our downfall.
Ikea had become Earth's weapon supplier

The grass attacked while Claire was resting in the sun. The green blades cut through cloth and skin, anchoring her to the spot two days ago.

Ty continued to watch the glacial movement of the 'Updating' bar on his computer. Eventually he realised he'd waited through the Apocalypse.

He visits at night. You may hear the gentle hiss of gas moments before you’re rendered unconscious. When you awake, something will be gone.

Jake gave up being a superhero. He'd achieved so much, saved many lives, but couldn't stand jokes about his prehensile nipples any longer.

The android came at her with a knife. "They said I was paranoid," May thought, "but now the robots have turned on us!" It gave her no peace

Interestingly, Kerry found out that you could stop a zombie in its tracks if you pretended to be the presenter of an infomercial.

Thousands of them came down the street. All red fur, huge eyes, & giggling, oh God, I remember the giggling Yes, I was there for Elmogeddon.

Tony was overwhelmed by the surprise party. He’d never dreamed cockroaches could be so generous in their appreciation of his lack of hygiene
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