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NSFW - Blame Gillian Polack's Publisher!

Yes, there's going to be a nude photo of yours truly towards the end of this post.

Another one.

Because I can't resist being a complete dill :)

Now the backstory, because for once I had a reason!

Gillian Polack has had a new ebook published called Ms Cellophane. She was naturally pleased about this and so decided to celebrate with a competition. The idea was that people would photograph themselves reading the book.

Gillian's publisher, who obviously didn't realise she knew someone like me, was hoping for a few Not Safe For Work entries, which promptly failed to materialise. I could not let this go! Unfortunately I wasn't off anywhere interesting. Oh for a Nullarbor trip! So many possibilities! Oh for a nearby abandoned warehouse!

I did think about doing one in the backyard. Me sitting naked on a stump of wood, one hand on my axe (not a euphemism), the other holding up the iPad with Gillian's book on it.

But then today, I was heading to Canberra on an errand of mercy, and half an hour into the trip my brain went *ping!* Michelago was coming up! They have a disused train station! Perfect! It's really isolated from pretty much every direction, so an easy shoot!

Got there, parked, headed over. I had my camera with me, but not my tripod. Had my phone with me, but not the iPad. That was fine, I had my Gorilla Pod to hold my camera and I knew I could get a good shot of the phone using that.

Open the back pack - bloody kids! No gorilla Pod :(

But I've gotten around this sort of issue plenty of times in the past, so I used a handy window sill, lined things up, did a couple of test shots, then stripped off. It's at this point I should add that at the time it was 5 degrees, with an apparent temperature of 3 degrees. So a bit chilly.

But I've never let physical discomfort stop me from doing something ridiculous, and I wasn't going to let the cold stop me now!

Now, the whole time I'd been setting up, it'd been quiet. No traffic coming down the little road on the other side of the station building or anything. I strip off, and after all that time and no sign of life, that's when the first car appears. But not coming down the little road, from which I could not be seen.

Instead it came over the hill right in front of me! The hill is a fair way off, so even if they spotted me, I'd be a distant pale human shape, not much detail. I do my best to ignore them. Moments later a second car came over. A few minutes after that a convoy of about six cars.

I'm not bothered by anyone's nudity, and I think if the nudity is non-sexual, other people should be okay with it too. But I always try to limit the odds of someone being... ahem... exposed to my wedding tackle because I know some people may be offended. While I don't understand it, I don't think it's fair to drop them in a situation where they have no choice in the matter.

However, in this case I decided that they were so far off they couldn't see any real detail anyway, and besides, it was cold enough there was no detail to see! If I'd been taking full frontal pics, between the cold and my glorious man-boobs, people would have been saying, "That very pretty woman has a beard!"

Anyway, I got the pictures taken of me looking at Gillian's book. They aren't terribly flattering because A) they're of me, B) I'm sitting down), and C) I'm only exceptionally pretty from the neck up.

After that was done, I took some for my own amusement. Below is one of those.


The colour version makes it look lovely and hot!  It wasn't.  But I'm happy.

Was telling a friend of mine about all this, and that I was going to put a pic up on LJ, and she commented on finding my attitude to life inspiring. 

That was really lovely to hear :)

I just like to have fun, be me, and enjoy the body I've got, lumps, bumps, unsightly body hair and all.  This is the only life I have, so I may as well enjoy the hell out if it at every opportunity!  What do I gain by being scared?

If a picture of me naked turns out artistically good, or mildly amusing, that's a win!  I figure if I'm not ashamed and worrying about my body, hopefully my kids will inherit that attitude too.

As for you, dear reader, you've got a couple of days left to make Gillian's publisher very happy :)
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