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BBC Animated Doctor Who Project - Series Bible 2

Next bit is up, and as the title suggests it is the BBC Project – Doctor Who Animated Series Bible – Part 2.

I've also added a second post today, just on some of the thoughts I've had whizzing through my mind since starting to put these up.

It's weird actually doing this. I've rarely been one to push my stuff. Hell, even putting up a list of Ditmar eligible writing rankles a bit. Fine for others to do it, but me doing it I feel like a bit of a lairiser. And talking about this project... I dunno... because it didn't actually get made, I feel like a bit of a fraud.

But then, we did put in the work. Nearly a year of it. We did our best. We were doing it at the behest of a department within the BBC, so you know what? Stuff it!

Actually, that's still false bravado. I still feel like a fraud putting this stuff up, ahhh... no matter what, my poor self esteem always wins out.

Which is weird, as I'm so bloody pretty!

Anyway, if you think it's good stuff, please spread the word.
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