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Twitter Mini Stories 09

Well, suppose I'll get these up and then I've caught up! On no, will have to write some more. By the way, happy to take requests on topics and the like. I sort of enjoyed my reverse alphabetical run :)

Another 17 ficlets for your entertainment or irritation...

Reality hiccuped, & briefly Alan glimpsed the results of all risks he'd been too scared to take. Afterwards, he sat & cried for three days.

Monsters often tell scary stories. Tales about hiding in a closet or under a bed, and coming out only to find they're in... Timmy's room!

"Psst! Hey mongrel!" called the Prime Minister to a passerby, "Wanna try somethin' new?"
And that was how the Australian Space Program began...

Unfortunately for his cold, Bert was the archetypical bogan, while the virus was of a more intellectual and artistic bent.

Chelsea had to make the most this Mother's Day lunch. After years of leftovers from the freezer, there was only an eye and a kidney left.

The human forces defeated Godzilla, then discovered he was comparatively small. The discovery was made when his mum appeared to help him.

"Immortality sucks," thought Eldred as he sat alone on his small asteroid, watching as the last sun in the entire universe finally went out.

I knew, when I saw them, at an auction, that I wanted them, knowing, one day, a big, brown, cardboard box of commas, would come in handy.

Henry spat out some phlegm & moved on. Freed of Henry, the phlegm pursued a career, & became a much sought after screen-writer in Hollywood.

He came explosively, then wiped warm semen off his desk, picked up the manuscript, sticky with cum, & rang his agent. "I got a new script!"

In the wee hours, a child cries. Her dad gets up, sees to her needs, tends the fire, then he makes a fatal error... & looks at the internet.

Everyone watched as the moon was eclipsed & turned red. But then it didn't turn back... within days The Madness started to sweep the planet.

Kate wished she'd never gotten her tattoo. It looked good, but all day long it sang vacuous pop songs, and talked about celebrity scandals.

"Actually," said God, "the gays are kind of my favourites. But I stuffed up the design specs so we ended up needing the heterosexuals."

Nigel started his suicide run on the enemy city, singing his song of death all the way down.
"I'm a Barbie girl,
In a Barbie world..."

Venus paused briefly in her transit. "I feel like I'm being watched," she thought, then laughed at herself, shrugged it off, & kept going.

In space we met beings like Angels. On meeting us they said, "We never thought you'd get off Earth. Well, there's the galaxy buggered."
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