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Twitter Mini Stories 08

My health and the health of others in the house has slowed things in every direction. Been a while since I wrote any, but here's 26 more 140 character mini-stories, or whatever the hell you call them, which takes me to the 215 mark!

Zoo Lottery began once the animals died out. Theoretically no one could opt out, but it was soon obvious only the poor ended up in the zoos.

Yellow eyes watch you sleep. Every night it creeps forward & sits on your chest, oh-so light. It breathes in stealing a little of your life.

Xavier jerked awake, looked about, then lie down again. After a while he heard two quiet voices. "Is he asleep?" "Shh... Wait a bit longer."

Wending her way through the clouds, Sarah bumped into a seagull. It swore at her, & hours later she was still upset by the fowl's language.

Vast, empty plains stretched out before her. Carefully she planted a seed, watered it, and waited patiently to fill the void with new life.

Usually Bert dreamt of tractors. Last night his dreams were full of art, music, & beauty. This morning he's questioning his life's direction

Timmy hated blood-sucking Hell-clowns. They never tasted as good as they looked.

Snide schoolmates spread sleazy stories, stinging Sarah's soul. Suddenly she snaps, soars skyward, seeking shelter, silence, solitude...

Rains came to the desert. Flowers bloomed. Frogs emerged from their hibernation. & amongst it all, 60yo Trevor donned his tutu & *danced!*

Quietly the dead rose. They had 2 reasons for it - they hated us, & wanted us to know there's nothing beyond life except the feeling of rot.

Penny kept painting. It was such hard work, & needed so many layers! But she persevered, & eventually Bert stopped moving, making it easier.

Only Candy had figured out the secret of cold fusion, but she was happy at Coles & figured she'd save releasing it for her retirement fund.

Natalie's detailed examination helped her realise Skunk Larder's lead singer wasn't virtual. Now she was on the music industry's death list.

Many folks said Kevin had a heart of gold, but when he died and was autopsied they discovered his heart was missing, stolen years before.

Leon's a sadistic cat burglar. He steals inexpensive but essential items - a chess piece, a remote control, the last book of a trilogy...

Kneeling in the dirt Gavin tended his flowers. His latest kept moving her head & losing her hat, but she'd be still soon, like all the rest.

Jen was discouraged from making anything really interesting at preschool. Lots of people had been upset by the working pussy cat she'd built

It was Earth's last day, the asteroid was a planet killer, yet Malcolm had to take the piss one last time by walking around with an umbrella

Human son of a demon, Gregor was to destroy mankind. However he preferred to create art, to be... nice. His parents were very disappointed.

Giggling happily, Tilda decorated the cake with eyes taken mostly from dolls and... other things.

For 2000 years people had ignored the Bible, so Jesus returned to teach again. He failed, & ended up instead with a hit magic show in Vegas.

Every time someone says evolution is false, God gets angry and encourages another yellow-bellied three-toed skink towards live birth.

Deep beneath the ocean, ancient Cthulhu waits. The telephone guy was meant to be there between 12 & 4, but he's really late & hasn't called.

Changing history, I should have known better, thought Graeme as he continued dragging the stones for the temple of his new Meerkat masters.

Before bed every night, Jess checked in her wardrobe & under her bed for monsters. She'd been disappointed each time, but never gave up hope

Angels appeared over every major city & we watched, transfixed by their beauty. Then they drew their fiery swords & started to descend...
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