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Mostly Good News from the House of Garlic, with some negatives

Well, got word back today that Mum has no sign of cancer! W00t! as I believe the ancient Mayans used to say.

Also on the good news front, Sharon doesn't have to have her thyroid out. At least, not at this point in time. She managed to get a good surgeon who wanted to double and triple check things before going ahead with a major operation. Yay!

At this point they're pretty sure she has Hashimoto's disease, which is a nuisance but not terrible. She's been taken off tablets and is currently back to being a tired mess, but they want her off all medication for three months in order to get accurate measurement from tests.

On the less happy news front, she's almost certainly not going to be at Continuum. She's just feeling too tired. We're now discussing whether I go down for the awards and drive back the next day, or I take a little longer and see more of the con. I'm happy either way. One I get more time at the con, the other I get more time with Sharon, and I love bonus Sharon time.

On to more day-to-day stuff.

GodZoe is going ahead in leaps and bounds. She's adding more words to her vocabulary every day, and is very occasionally combining them into 2-word sentences. She's very quick to say sorry and offer a hug and a kiss if she thinks she's hurt you, and just as quick to offer hugs and kisses if she thinks you've been hurt.

She's reasonably unstoppable. Falls, thumps, and bumps only phase her quite briefly. In fact, her main reaction is to come up, indicate which bit hurts, and request a kiss on the spot. Really bad ones require a hug as well. She's not sacred of anything, and loves climbing.

GodZoe's also clever and evil. She sets up situations to tempt Tyrannosaurus Lex into getting into trouble, then giggles when he takes the bait and gets in trouble. You can't really go off at her though - she loads the gun, puts it on the table in front of TLex, and lets his own nature do the rest.

TLex is doing well. He can count to a hundred with the odd bit of help past thirty, knows his alphabet pretty solidly, and can spell a few basic words. His biggest issue is that he occasionally tries to read numbers and letters right to left.

His use of language is fascinating. When he learns something new, he 'downloads' it. When he's telling me a story or singing me a song, he's 'uploading' it to me. Occasionally when he's still learning something, he'll say he hasn't finished 'uploading' it.

TLex is less hardy and more highly strung than GodZoe. He's more likely to react badly to a minor bump, and more likely to melt down over some small frustrating thing. He's also a lot more likely to give up without even attempting something, even something he's done okay on previously. After a minor knock outside today, he retired to the house, leaving GZ and I outside together for a whole hour - which was nice for us.

They mostly get on pretty well, offering each other lots of hugs and kisses, and enjoying playing together a good chunk of the time. GodZoe's getting a bit more demanding with books and toys, one of her more solid words is 'mine!' and that runs into TLex's own fascination with whatever GodZoe is currently playing with.

I'm doing okay. Still a bit run-down physically and emotionally, but the recent good news has been of some help. And while I came away from Swancon just as wrecked as when I left, the trip down to Melbourne was a fine mental enema and helped me quite a bit. I was still physically exhausted but mentally I was doing lots better.

Starting to get more physically active again, too. Chopping wood again, which is great fun, and getting out and about with the kids a bit more. The other day I did a 4.5 km walk. I want to do the 6km round trip to town, but that will keep me away for quite a long while so I need to pick my time for that one carefully.

The other night at around 1am I started rearranging the lounge room. The previous arrangement was based on dealing with regular visitors, but we don't get that many, so it's now geared towards giving us a large amount of free space for doing Wii Fit Plus, and dancing.

Today I spent two hours outside chopping wood, playing with the kids, and generally enjoying myself. Even sat in the sun with my shirt off for 10 minutes, it being a nice warm 18 degree day.

Anyway, off to light the fire, chop some more kindling, and do stuff.
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