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Twitter Mini Stories 08

Another 20 fragments, stories, ideas, and tales...

Beware Satan. He is crafty and skilful and he will lure you in. But you can never win a towel flicking contest against him.

God meanwhile is only really good at one game, Tiddly Winks. The way he wins other games is to cheat and change the rules of the universe.

Old Norse Gods tended to have excellent hand/eye coordination, and really fast reflexes, so playing Snap against them was never much fun.

Sailing the silent skies in her dreamship, picking which star to head for next, Captain Smith feared only one thing - waking up.

I should've known better, thought God. Introduced species are always an issue. But I couldn't just let the humans die out on Mars.

Even the "A Miniature Cloned Dinosaur Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas..." campaign did nothing to reduce abandoned dinosaur numbers.

Malcolm had woken up in the wooden corridor years ago. Every day he continued his walk, but he had yet to find the end, or even any doors.

Sylvia could hear peoples' bodies wearing out - cells dying, vital organs running down. It was very noisy and made conversations difficult.

You angered me, so last night while you slept I assassinated your dreams. Tonight you dream only of your daily routine.

Colin was wearing his pale green shirt, the one with the fine white stripes - he would kill someone tonight, maybe even someone he knew.

It wasn't until the mega fauna came back that we discovered the truth. It wasn't extinct. It had been hiding, waiting to wreak vengeance...

At first people thought it was simply a foggy morning. Then skin and hair began to melt and run like wax left too near a flame...

The heavy fog lifted by late morning. It wasn't until that night people started to realize the stars looked different.

James hummed as he broke the covering, dropping the mewling pink foetus into the bucket, & discarding its hard speckled shell on the floor.

It moves on moist tendrils toward the dozing woman. Its raw meat smell fills the room. She wakes, turns, "Oh, you gave me quite a fright."

Reptilian feet pad silently. Smelling like rot, it reaches toward the sleeping child. Taking the tooth under the pillow, it leaves a coin.

Josh gave up on trying to sleep and switched on the light. For a moment he saw eyes staring down at him from the ceiling, then they faded...

Enhanced muscles move over bones of diamond. Her chrome eyes watch as the mono-molecular knife comes down to cut off another slice of bread.

Within every atom exists an entire universe, as intricate and complex as our own. This is the only one where gay marriage is an issue.

Her toast fell to the floor & Gail bemoaned her improbable life. She glanced down, sighed. The toast had landed on its edge. It always did.
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