dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

Port Augusta to Nullarbor

Drove through Minnipa with its population of ghost/spirit beings. They stand around watching people travel through the town. Three were standing below the town sign as we left, another sat between us as we headed thorugh town, just to make sure we behaved. Something that appears to be a black, rotting human shape makes for an excellent chaparone.

Driving from Port Augusta and the talk turns to penguins. King, fairy, etc. and which work best in a camp fire. They all have different incendiary properties and you do need to pick carefully, depending on what you want to do with the fire. Do you need a steady even flame to cook with, or a large hot fire to talk and drink by? For a big social fire, King Penguins are best.

These are just some of the things to be dealt with on a trip across Australia by Holden. The trip is, of course, significantly different if you're in a Ford. Or a Daewoo.
Tags: travel

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