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Twitter Mini Stories 04

A smaller one this time, 13 stories, scenes, moments, whatever you want to call them. With these I've passed 100. I think I'll celebrate by throwing sticks at mythological creatures.

"Hi Nino, I'm called Candyman!"
"What's your favourite candy?"
So Candyman gave him some Chocrunch, made from his family

There was a monster in little Timmy's closet. Once a day he let it out for exercise, and so he could beat and taunt it.

"My favoured people are the Ceki Islanders. If sea levels rise, they'll be without a home, and I shall be very cross," said God, hinting.

Sally watched the ball stop at the feet of a Yowie. It picked up the ball as if to take a bite, then saw the girl.
"Can I play?" it asked.

She was fine, the Lady of Banbury Cross. She had a beautiful white stallion. But her rings & bells made her skills as an assassin worthless.

She glides through warm night
Moonlight plays on clouds below;
Shame about the goggles.

Reptilian feet pad silently.
Smelling like rot, it reaches toward the sleeping child.
Taking the tooth under the pillow, it leaves a coin.

"Don't forget to make a wish!" Kate blew out the candles on her cake, and moments later Auntie Betty dropped down dead.

He watched the pixelation play over his skin. There was no way out. If he didn't pay Scotty the Byte soon, he'd get the jaggies, then derez.

"Out of the whole human race, there's only the two of us left. We have to have sex, if only to save the species."
"Dude, we're both blokes."

He turned quickly to his fellow scientists. "Pay up! You said it was impossible to ignite the planet's atmosphere, and I've proven you wro-"

The damage to the ship was too great, she still didn't have enough oxygen to reach home. She had murdered the entire crew for nothing.

"An' she loved it."
"Geez Dave, do you get laid every weekend?"
"Damn near!"
"Cool! Hey, just wondering, is that unicorn yours?"
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