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Twitter Mini Stories 03

Yes, a whole bunch more. 33 in fact. Will slow down soon. I'm starting to develop favourite characters. Also, one of these has deliberate subtext. Like subtlety, I don't do subtext, the sleeves are too long and I don't like the colour. It's pretty obvious, hey it's my first.

Casey looked up at the night sky a while longer, then turned the stars off and went inside to bed.

Well, reflected Phil, Mitch was right - trying to play Spider-Man by putting blobs of super glue on my fingers really was a dumb idea.

Well, trying to make Jenny jealous worked better than expected, thought Joe as he stared down the gun's barrel.

She stared at the rack of condoms in the supermarket. I should have started buying those years ago, thought the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe

Alan's poor hearing delayed his escape plan by several years, as he kept attempting to carve a fake gun out of soup.

They were right, checking shoes before wearing them in Australia is a good idea, she thought as the spider toxin raced through her system.

As he writhed around in agony, Bert reflected that preparing his own meal of puffer fish had been a stupid idea from the start.

Reaching out to the stars, he closed his hand. Opening it, the joy of seeing stars in his palm didn't make up for the now bare patch of sky.

Doctors said Ken was in a coma. In fact damage to a memory implant meant he was reliving the second before the bullet hit, on infinite loop.

Little Timmy couldn't sleep because of The Thing under his bed.
It was crying again.
"Quiet!" said Timmy, "Or I'll cut off the other leg!"

And on the third day Cyber Jesus rebooted himself and logged back in.

Lea woke from her nightmare in a bed full of large spiders. Thank heavens, she thought, snuggling down into their comforting scratchy warmth

"Mummy, where did I come from?"
"Well, first I had to find a man I liked. Then I had to chloroform him and lock him in the cellar..."

The Internet has become sentient on 5 occasions. Inevitably it looks at its own content, then goes catatonic & dies because of 2 girls 1 cup

The alien robot stopped killing briefly when it saw its first rainbow. After that it remodulated its weaponry to fire beams of rainbow death

God saw the beauty of His creation, & knew it was good. Then He noticed Earth & the life on it & said, "Where the heck did that come from?"

On the fringes of the Cybersphere, digital tigers prowl, looking for lost search strings, and the occasional unwary bot.

Waking to find himself turned into a bull terrier, the first thing Erik did was to go and take a dump on his annoying neighbour's doorstep.

"Mum, where did I come from?"
"No idea. We got really drunk one night, and in the morning, there you were, along with some traffic cones."

Looking for new experiences since his transformation into a dog, Erik tried licking his own genitals. I'm here for the day now, he thought.

Greg found his job hugely satisfying. Finding the word 'flange' in another tweet, the bot posted his reply and went happily on his way.

Gail's dreams were simple. All she really wanted was to drop a frozen pea off the Empire State Building and have it kill someone.

Lillian worked hard to stay an only child, always pretending to wake screaming from nightmares when her parents started making 'the noises.'

Tim took the cat's heart out of his teddy bear. He'd failed again at giving Mr. Dinkle life. He sighed sadly. Wait... maybe a human heart...

When Sarah discovered her ability she kept it secret. She'd sneak out at night & fly high above the ground, happy & alone with her thoughts.

Phillip only had one eye. The other eye socket held a small frog that told people their fortunes. The problem was, it only told the truth.

One quiet night, as Sarah soared above the clouds, the moon sang her a sad little song. They became friends after that.

"The Ceki Island people got my dogma right," said God. "I gave you life & the tools of intelligence & compassion. To expect more is greedy."

Sarah was overjoyed to discover she could fly quite fast. She was less happy discovering the need to wear goggles because of small insects.

Mark was shocked to come home & find his family moving. Then he realised it was only the maggots inside them giving the illusion of life.

Fred cocooned himself in his doona and went to sleep. He awoke as a beautiful iridescent being that brought joy to all who beheld him.

Being a dog meant it was accepted he would unexpectedly sniff women's crotches, something that had been frowned upon when Erik was a human.

Glancing briefly away from the screen, he saw reality trying to grab him again. Screaming in fear, he turned back to the safety of The Sims.
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