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Port Augusta

It's been raining here for chunk of the day. Not cold, but getting drenched can leave you feeling cool. Then (after we got the tent up) it stopped and became humid. Silly S.A. weather.

Driving my car has been interesting. If I go much over 100, the radiator overheats. It'd be easier to stay under that, except the speedo has resisted 2 years of various mechanics trying to fix it. So sometimes I only do 80. I've gotten very good at using the stopwatch on my phone to work out my speed.

Haven't run over anything yet, not even a fox or rabbit. But if the rain has crossed the nullarbor, the chances of running across some wildlife should increase. Hopefully it'll be introduced species. I'd like to hit a camel. It'd wreck my car but I haven't heard of anyone hitting a camel. Plus camels aren't natural animals. Evil foamy-tongued beasts.

Traveling Dan
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