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New posts and thoughts

Bit behind on updates, so here are two links to recent posts on my dalekboy.com Wordpress blog.

It's Not The Size, It's How You Use It about the use and misuse of scale in special effects, concepts and story-telling.

Introducing Lexx - Black Comedy and Fantasy SF - An attempt to introduce the Lexx universe and series, while not spoiling things like the look of the ship for those that have never heard of the show.

Previously I tended to just post everything here, but with all the issues with it, I'm wanting to take some of my eggs from the LJ basket. Not giving up on LJ, I still really like it and it's the first place I go to check up on what's happening with my friends. What I'm looking at doing is making LJ my personal blog where I catch up with my friends and give updates about my life, and post things that are closer to articles elsewhere. That said, I'll always put links to new posts here for the curious, as I have today.

The dalekboy.com blog is all about Doctor Who and other sf, fantasy, and horror related subjects. Chances are that will extend into general fiction stuff as well... though it will most likely be more heavily about Doctor Who.

I'm also thinking about starting another blog where I talk about sex and nudity related subjects. This has been brought about by a post I've been working on about vulvas and penises in art and how they're presented/perceived. Since starting the dalekboy blog, I suddenly find myself a bit more reluctant to post it here. I like the focus having a blog about a specific subject gives me. I also like that it separates that stuff out for those that aren't interested.

Would love to hear about what any of you think about this. Your thoughts and experiences. Would also love any suggestions for names to give the sex/nudity blog, if you think it's a good idea.

And if you hate the idea of me splitting this stuff, feel free to tell me that too.
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