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Doctor report back - pretty good.

So, finally had my follow-up appointment to see how the ol' meat machine is going. I was fairly sure I knew what the results would show, and barring one thing which was an unexpected and unavoidable environmental factor, I was right.

So prostate test was all good. My weight is a little high, but I knew that, and blood tests are mostly very good.

My cholesterol is just a tiny bit higher than it should be. The Doctor said it was at the level where a small change, like to a different brand of butter or margarine would probably bring it down enough. And like most of the adult population, I could use more exercise, though he pointed out that it's not surprising I haven't been getting as much as I should, given all the colds and viruses we've been getting from the kids this year.

The interesting one was that my vitamin D is slightly low. Apparently this is normal for people living in Cooma - the sunlight isn't as strong. So he's given me vitamin D tablets to offset that, though I'll be trying to increase my sunlight intake anyway.

So, apart from the vitamin D, I was pretty accurate to my guesses. Hoorah!

Of course, one worry over the last week or two is that with the latest virus I've begun having trouble with my speech shutting down again. So need to keep an eye on headaches, and if that doesn't start to fade fairly soon... well, another trip to the doctor I guess, though this would have to be for a referral. But on the plus side, none of the old post-stroke issues with my writing.

All up, pretty happy.
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