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Preschool Santa talk, and bookshop follow-up

I'm going to be giving a talk on Christmas gift givers for the local preschool! So I'll get to talk about how Father Christmas used to wear other colours, and also talk about Ded Moroz, la Befana, and Père Noël. So I may not be Santa-ing this year, but I get to do something special and Christmassy for some local kids. I may suit-up Chrissy eve anyway and wander the neighbourhood just for the fun of it :)

I also ended up reading stories to a bunch of children again today. The ladies once more mentioned they are happy for me to come and read regularly if I'd like, since I obviously enjoy it, and the kids seem to like how I read. *does happy dance*

Went into the Cooma bookshop today, and saw many of the suggestions you kind folks made sitting on their SF&F shelf. Thank you everyone, their SF&F section is now 400% cooler as a result, and there's more to come in.

Now to see how many of the DVDs I suggested make it into the store :D
Tags: cooma tales, santa, slice of life, things that delight me

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