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Movies for 2011 - Part 11

3rd October
Taking of Pelham 123
Not a bad film. I think I prefer the original, but as remakes go this was reasonably smart. Both are films that reflect when they were made in different ways, though for my money the original has the perfect closing shot.

4th October
Sucker Punch
Pretty girls, amazing fantasy action, fabulous ideas, totally unengaging with characters I didn't give a single stuff about. Will probably never bother watching it ever again because I don't care about any aspect of this movie. Classic example of both style over content and the need for actual characters.

5th October
The Boys from Brazil
Who would have thought a film where a key moment features a 62yo and a 71yo rolling around on a lounge room floor fighting could be so awesome? Great film, with a fabulous cast and an intriguing build as you learn more and more about what's happening.

9th October
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916)
The first half is slow, mainly because they had figured out a way to film underwater sequences and so we get lots of looong underwater sequences that simply drag. After the interval things pick up and it moves along okay. Captain Nemo was an actor in blackface, but at least it was a nod to the character's Indian origins. Not a must-see, but an interesting curio.

10th October
All About Eve
Now this is a must-see film. A great base idea, a well-told story, brilliant actors playing fabulously layered characters, some clever, dark, and amusing twists - it really blew me away. First film ever to get 14 Oscar nominations (something that wouldn't happen again until almost 50 years later) I'd say it was the best film I've seen this year.

16th October
The Boy with Green Hair
A sweet, odd message movie. Dean Stockwell was twelve when he made this, and he is very much the star of the picture. His performance is great and he manages the material well. I could have done without the couple of Pat O'Brien songs, but overall I enjoyed the film and it left me with a smile on my face.

17th October
Ikarie XB 1
Really great Czech SF movie from 1963. Been dying to watch it since I got it and decided to use it as a reward for a busy day. It was a great reward. Not a bad story, some nice science ideas mixed in, some truly gorgeous model shots, and the ending left me feeling happy. If you want to see some non-US or UK 60's SF, this is an interesting choice. Just make sure you get the Czech version with English subtitles. The AIP version is apparently a hacked up mess.

Oh, supposedly this was one of the films Kubrick watched before making 2001, and some of the corridors look like early versions of the ones found on the Enterprise D.

18th October
The Adventures of Barry McKenzie
Finally! I'd never gotten the chance to see this classic Aussie flick, and it's pretty much as unashamedly crass as I expected. I have to say I really enjoyed it. It takes the piss out of ocker Australians as brutally as it does British society. It was an important film for its time, but definitely not for everyone, especially those easily offended.

20th October
Night Tide
There's a good creepy film in this that doesn't quite make it past the execution. A very young Dennis Hopper puts in a reasonable performance, and Linda Lawson is suitabley not quite there, but over all it's a bit slow and clunky.

21st October
Source Code
What a great movie. Seriously good. Good premise, some good characters, and it just works. Well worth a look. Another winner directed by David Bowie's little boy.

23rd October
The Fog
A creepy little ghost story/horror film. It tells you what is going to happen right at the start, slowly builds to delivering that, and it works. It's a genuinely creepy and tense story, with some nice direction and good use of lighting and the titular atmospheric effects.

24th October
The Omega Man
I do so love a good end of the world film, and this one holds up. Of the three adaptations of Richard Matheson's "I Am Legend" this is the most watchable, even though the old Vincent Price version is the truest to the source material. Good direction and a gorgeous musical score with Ron Grainer riffing off The Prisoner.

31st October
Despicable Me
I'd heard this was good, but I'd also heard things like the dreadful Kung Fu Panda were good, so I had fairly low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. It's fun, has characters that grow and change, and a nice story about a guy trying his hardest to be a great villain. Only problem I had was that I sometimes felt too much time was spent on the minions, but that really is a small complaint.

148 films watched to date, and here is the break-up

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