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Who are the hot SF/F and horror authors? [Nov. 10th, 2011|06:19 pm]
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Was in at Cooma/Monaro Books and Music today, chatting away with Sam, who does a lot of the ordering. She's wanting to expand the science fiction, fantasy, and horror section, and figured she'd ask me for some names. Gave her a couple but it had been a long day and I'm in no way up with the genres at the moment, so I said I'd ask my friends.

So, who is writing the good stuff at the moment? And what are the must reads of the last five or ten years?

Assume I know nothing, you're close to right, and you'll be helping a very good rural bookshop become that much cooler.

PS, feel free to suggest any really fabulous non-genre titles.

[User Picture]From: rabbit1080
2011-11-10 01:49 pm (UTC)

off-genre but stuff wot i have actually bought with my money :)

Haven't been reading much sci-fi lately, but my favourite paper books I've bought this in the last few years are:
- "Egg and Bird" by Alex Higlett - a kids picture-book about a father and child (son?), with some of the most delightful minimalist art I've seen in a book for a while.
- "30-second Economics" by Donald Marron - bought this in hard-cover; unusually it's more approachable than the inter webs for this subject.
- "Read This! - Business Writing that Works" by Robert Gentle. Lots of white space, short words, creative, concise. It teaches how to write in a way that suits my skim-reading.
- "Traffic: Why We Drive The Way We Do (and what it says about us" by Tom Vanderbilt. An approachable book, even though it cites a gazillion psych studies about how people make decisions. Which leads on to...
- "Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions:" by Gary Klein. The author's an academic psychologist - the book's about his work studying decision-making in stressful jobs (eg. firefighter, neonatal nurse).
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