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Who are the hot SF/F and horror authors? - Danny Danger Oz — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Who are the hot SF/F and horror authors? [Nov. 10th, 2011|06:19 pm]
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Was in at Cooma/Monaro Books and Music today, chatting away with Sam, who does a lot of the ordering. She's wanting to expand the science fiction, fantasy, and horror section, and figured she'd ask me for some names. Gave her a couple but it had been a long day and I'm in no way up with the genres at the moment, so I said I'd ask my friends.

So, who is writing the good stuff at the moment? And what are the must reads of the last five or ten years?

Assume I know nothing, you're close to right, and you'll be helping a very good rural bookshop become that much cooler.

PS, feel free to suggest any really fabulous non-genre titles.

[User Picture]From: bunny_m
2011-11-10 09:24 am (UTC)
I really like John Scalzi (particularly Old Man's War and The Android's Dream), Richard Morgan (Altered Carbon especially, though I think Woken Furies is actually better), Charles Stross (almost all of it, but especially especially the Laundry series), Elizabeth Bear (see By The Mountain Bound and A Companion To Wolves).

Cory Doctorow (Little Brother), Neal Stephenson (Anathem) and China Mieville (oh, so many to choose from...) are also continuing to release really good work.

Tanya Huff also does a really good military SF series that starts with A Confederation of Valor although she is far better known for her fantasy series. (Of both the epic and urban kinds.)

And I'll stop there before I get up to check the shelves for references and end up re-reading stuff. ;)
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