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Links for Generic Console Inspiration

Here's a few links for the curious. The last one is to a Doctor Who building forum because I want to make some big old clunky/chunky DW style controls. You know the sort of thing - great big pull levers, big ol' switches, and so on. It'll add to the workload, but I've yet to be able to find any that I liked, and there will be great satisfaction in having some things that are operated by a bloody great lever :)

cheshirenoir also sent me two links to Arduinos - a sort of basic computer control system. I'm intrigued and also daunted by the little I've read, feeling they may be too much for me, but that could just as easily be fear of the new.

"Fear of the new"... I'm sure some language has a really great word for that concept.

Anyway, for those of you who are curious or thinking of doing something similar, I hope this is of some help. Given there seems to be a few of us planning projects that aren't dissimilar who knows, if enough of us get interested in some specific item or prop, maybe someone who isn't me could organise a bulk order to cut down costs.

LED cube

Framed LED art

Movement sensitive LED table

5 button recordable USB sound chip thingy

Hartnell TARDIS console build


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