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Birthdays, breasts, and beasts, oh my...

This is going to be a bit of a rambly post about my adventures last night. You have been warned.

So, last night I drove out to Canberra to an intimate birthday dinner for a mate. Right before I left TLex had a meltdown and GodZoe did a Jurassic sized dump, so I was delayed in leaving. I was also fairly tired, so I did my usual trick of downing a few mouthfulls of the cat piss called V to wake me up.

Drive to Canberra was nice, and I got to listen to episode 271 of Boxcutters. I'm so far behind on my podcasts, and I only listen to four. I suppose if I had to travel to work I'd get more podcast time in. Or if the podcasts I listened to didn't swear, I could listen to them around the kids. Then again, trying to listen to something around the kids is a little pointless anyway.

Hour and a half later I only ended up being ten or fifteen minutes late, so that wasn't too bad. Arrived feeling tired, not too hungry, but very happy. Didn't eat very much, but I liked what I had, and the company was excellent.

About ten minutes into the night, I realised just how tired I was. The host's girlfriend was sitting diagonally opposite me and I found that my eyes kept drifting down to her décolletage. This is only a problem for me when tired, but as I mentioned in this Love and Hate post it's something that makes me feel deeply uncomfortable when it does happen. I later apologised to her, and she said she wasn't bothered and hadn't noticed.

I drove everyone back to the birthday boy's place where we continued chatting about various geeky things. It was nice. The only real intelligent adult conversation I get these days is from Sharon, so the chance to talk to other like minded adults is lovely. I also got to have some nice chats with people last weekend in Melbourne which made that whole madly rushed trip so much nicer.

I even felt happy and relaxed enough to do something I need to do more often - pull out my camera and take photos of people. It's one of the things I've always been jealous about with regard to Cat Sparks. She seems to have no issues with pulling out her camera and just snapping away at people. My poor self esteem always gets in the way and tells me that people don't want me bothering them.

Eventually around 11pm it was suggested that as I had a long drive ahead we should probably wrap the night up. It was a good idea. I would have been perfectly happy to keep chatting for quite a while longer. I drove the last guest home, then started to head for Cooma.

I paused to drink a little more snake piss V, then kept going and listened to Boxcutters #272. One of the things I like about myself as a driver is that I never go faster than what feels safe to me, based upon road conditions and how I'm doing.

I averaged a bit under 80km an hour for the entire trip home and I'm very glad I did. If I'd been doing 100km, there's no way I would have avoided the wombat on the bend. There's also no way I would have avoided a couple of members from a few mobs of kangaroos that were on the road between Cooma and Bredbo. They were bad and numerous enough that when I got home I had Sharon SMS her workmates that do the commute and warn them.

I also got to see a muthafarkin' owl! So happy to see that. It was on one of the posts at the side of the road and flew off as the car approached. If I could be sure of seeing it again I'd drive out in the wee hours with a tripod to try and get some photos. It was a big, beautiful looking bird.

I got home well after 1am, and then couldn't sleep post-drive. So stayed up for a while until I settled down and could sleep. So at this point I've had a little over 4 hours sleep, but I'm doing okay and feeling happy.
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