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Movies for 2011 - Part 10

Movies for September under the cut. Only 12 for the month, but it's taken past last year's record of 125 all the way to 135 - and there's three months to go! Not getting around to watching as many older films as I'd like, but that's many because of the backlog of more recent stuff on my DVR.

3rd September
Death Race 2000
Awesomely horrible in all the right ways. Interestingly, when Corman wrote the original treatment, he wrote it as a serious film and thought the concept "vile." So it was changed to a comedy, albeit a black one. Years later, the film was remade as a 'serious' flick, but is only vile because it's so uninspired and predictable.

5th September
Smokey and the Bandit
Was pretty much exactly the sort of film you expect - entertaining enough, but nothing spectacular. I do think part of the reason for the success is the wonderful Jackie Gleeson, who managed to make a cliched character such an enjoyable watch.

6th September
The Bamboo Saucer
I remembered seeing this when I was a kid, so it was nice to sit down to watch it again. On one hand, it is a film of cliches, on the other, it's a film about hope. For every silly moment, it manages a solidly sensible and believable one. Not a must see film, but certainly worth a look as it manages to avoid so many of the pitfalls that films of this sort slip into so easily.

7Th September
Little Miss Sunshine
Not a comedy that would be for everyone's tastes, but I enjoyed it.

10th September
Dante 01
Not a bad Euro SF flick, though the ending is a bit strange. However, I rather enjoyed the film in spite of the weird finale.

15th September
Fun little New Zealand film. Quirky and stylish with some good characters and a moment in the end credits that is wonderfully surreal.

17th September
The Dark Knight
Been wanting to rewatch this for a while, and it doesn't disappoint. I really wish it hadn't been a comic book film only so the Academy would have taken it a bit more seriously. Fabulous crime drama that just happens to be a Batman movie.

20th September
I was a little nervous about how this one would turn out, but it works. As usual with the team that gave us Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz it's the characters that drive the film and from where the comedy originates. It's also the only film with Seth Rogan that I've seen where I thought his perfomance was good.

22nd September
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
I cannot express how much I hated this film the first time I saw it. I'd loved the stage show and thought the film did a dreadful job of representing it. Five years later, I decided on a rewatch, and from then to this day, I have a great love and fondness for the movie. Mind you, this time around it was pointed out to me that there are quite a few statues around the house, and Frank has a machine that turns people into statues... So that's a whole new level of creepy right there.

24th September
Batman and Robin
At the start of the film, when Robin bursts through the doors of the museum on his motor bike and the hole in the doors is in the shape of the 'Robin Symbol,' that's one of those corny, silly moments that many movies have done. What usually lets it work is its very brevity before immersing you back in the action. However, that big, backlit, Robin symbol hole in the doors is there obviously in many of the subsequent shots during the museum fight. It continuously draws the eye and every time you see it, the groan-worthy joke that it was becomes more and more of an irritant, until the gag keeps lifting you out of the movie because it's so annoying.

The whole movie is made like that. The joke that Schumacher is making is pushed home so continuously that any hope that it would be funny is destroyed by the very fact that it's jumping up and down and saying "Look! Isn't this funny? Here's more of it, because more will be more funny!"

One thing I had never noticed previously - during many of the action sequences, there is a liberal sprinkling of cartoon sound effects. Comical boings and bonks abound. It takes an amazing mindset to make a movie that actually gets worse with every viewing.

28th September
The Chronicles of Riddick
This movie does make the sort of errors with sequels that I tend to hate - taking a science fictional setting and suddenly making it magical, turning the protagonist from being an exceptional human being and making them some sort of chosen one - and yet I still like it. I think part of what saves it for me is the visual richness of the universe. Well, that and the fact that Riddick is a magnificent bastard.

30th September
It has its flaws, but over all I think I liked it. The creatures are interesting, and act as a clever backdrop to the story.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Half the movies I've watched are from the last 25 years. Must try and get around to a few more older films, there's some real gold out there.
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