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Movies for 2011 - Part 9

I've managed 21 movies since mid-July, bringing me up to 123 for the year! Two more and I've matched my viewing from last year! I'm rather pleased about this.

Cooma cinema usually only has a film on for a week, which has actually increased the number of recent movies that we get to see. What used to happen was that a film I liked the look of would come out, and because it would be on for several weeks, it'd get put on the back-burner, and I'd forget about it. Now if there's a flick Shaz and/or I want to see, we're a bit more likely to get moving.

Also the quickflix membership is letting me catch up with a lot of new and old movies.

Anyway, movies below cut, and my little pie-charts for genre and year.

17th July
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell

20th July
The Love Bug
It's been a long time since I originally saw this, and it was good mostly inoffensive fun.

21st July
Been a while since I last watched Them also, and I think it still mostly holds up. The giant ants look fantastic. There is always something about having really big props that craps on CGI... and I love CGI.

22nd July
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2
Reasonable finale.

25th July
The Hurt Locker
Really good. Not to my tastes, but a very good flick.

26th July
Cars 2
Took an hour to remember that it should have a heart. It was okay for that first hour, but improved markedly after.

28th July
High Plains Drifter
Great little flick, with some nice ambiguity as to who the main character is.

1st August
Evil Dead
Given it's a glorified student film, it's a bloody amazing piece of work. I knew a lot of the behind the scenes stuff and how they got around certain problems, but I totally forgot just how many names started here.

7th August
Death Race
Totally misses what made the original such a cult favourite, and shows us a story we've seen a 1,000 times before. Also, you basically have the organisers pulling stunts that any pay-per-view audience that had favourite racers would be really unhappy about. Uninspired and poorly written.

8th August
Transformers - The Movie
The original animated feature film. The story is a bloody mess, and all over the place. That said, it had me open mouthed in amazement at the scale of stuff it was doing, and then proceeded to kill robots. And I actually cared. Given I didn't watch the cartoon as a kid, so I effectively had the same emotional starting point for this as I have with the live action films - this is a better film in term of emotional connection and wow factor. And it's still not that good, but it knows where its heart is.

11th August
The Man in the White Suit
Nice comedy, and Alec Guinness is great fun.

12th August
Really good French heist movie. Clever and dark in all the right ways.

13th August
The Rise of the Planet of the Apes
The best Apes movie since the original, and I'm a huge fan of the original. Definitely one of the best written flicks I have seen this year. It deserves to be really successful.

17th August
Another fabulous movie. I enjoyed this way more than I expected to. Good enough, I was annoyed I wouldn't have the chance to watch it again the same day.

19th August
Green Lantern
Not a bad movie, but not very good either. I liked it but not very much.

20th August
Captain America
Very good. I found myself a little annoyed that there wasn't room for a second WWII Captain America adventure.

21st August
The Lavender Hill Mob
Funny and clever heist film, makes me smile just to think of it.

22nd August
Taxi Driver
Good film. Not the style I tend to go for, but a well written dramatic character study with some fine actors.

25th August
Blades of Glory
The thing I like about most Will Ferrell comedies is that I will get a laugh out of them. Interestingly I will usually get more a laugh from him if he's not one of the lead characters. Not a film I'd bother owning, but one I'd happily watch on TV.

27th August
Cowboys and Aliens
Entertaining and surprisingly straight in its tone. Avoids a "Hollywood" ending.

31st August
The Adjustment Bureau
Enjoyable with a nice central conceit, it has some fun with the characters and ideas.

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