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I'll be in therapy if you want me

So, yesterday TLex was in a very cuddley, kissey mood. Right through the day he would come up to me regularly and ask for a 'cuddle cuddle' and a 'kiss kiss.' He's starting repeating key words, I think because I often call Godzoe 'Zozo.'

Anyway, every time he asked, I gave him the required cuddles and kisses as soon as I could, depending on what I was doing. At some point I asked him where he wanted to be kissed, and he pointed to the middle of his forehead. Through a chunk of the rest of the day, every time I asked him where he wanted me to kiss him, he pointed to the same spot.

Later, after kissing his forehead for the 28th time, I asked if there was anywhere else he wanted to be kissed. It seems that his right and left eyebrows also needed kisses. No worries. Asked if there were any other spots, and no, that was it. So for the rest of the day, I kissed these three spots every time I fulfilled the kissing portion of his requests.

Today Shaz is around. I'd told her about TLex's three spots -
(brief pause as Tyrannosaurus Lex interrupts LJ post for you-know-what)
- and later he'd wandered into our room. At some point I gave TLex a surprise hug and then said, "Hey Lex, would you like me to kiss your three special spots?"

A moment later, my brain registered the words I had just said, and how incredibly, ickily creepy they sounded. My skin crawled off and out the door, I threw up into my mouth a little bit, then I walked out of the room making "Aaaarrggghh!" noises.

Sharon laughed long and hard enough that she was crying and complaining about how her stomach hurt.

I'm still a little creeped out.
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