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Movies for 2011 - Part 7

Been a long while since I posted one of these. My movie watching has slowed dramatically, though since the last post I have seen almost 40 films. They do split reasonably well however, so here are the twenty-odd that take us to the end of April.

1st March
Iron Giant
Fistful of Dollars

2nd March
Hidden Fortress

6th March
Modern Times

8th March
Glengarry Glen Ross

10th March
Perfect Blue

14th March
Kick Ass

17th March
Cannibal The Musical

20th March
Batman Begins

22nd March
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

25th March
Pitch Black

29th March
A Shot in the Dark

31st March
Saw 7 the Final Chapter

2nd April

5th April
Tropic Thunder

8th April
The Seventh Seal

9th April
X the Unknown

14th April

24th April

26th April
Waking Sleeping Beauty

Hitting the high points...

Hidden Fortress stood out because it features two comedic characters that are at heart deeply unlikeable, and yet one can't help but enjoy them.

Glengarry Glen Ross was a fabulous drama, with some excellent characters. Lived up to the years of hype for me.

Perfect Blue was suitably interesting and bizarre.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy wasn't that good, and yet it was entertaining. I find that most Will Ferrell vehicles don't work well for him. Certainly the strongest performance in this was Steve Carell. That said, I kind of want to see other Ron Burgundy movie that was constructed out of left over bits of this one.

Peter Sellers is extraordinary in A Shot in the Dark. There are long scenes without edits in which the sheer number of things he has to get wrong, usually while delivering dialogue, is astounding. Not to everyone's taste, but I enjoyed

The Seventh Seal is great piece of film-making on so many levels. Strange and subtle and clever.

Bullitt is famous for its car chase, and rightly so. It is a fabulous chase. But that's not the only reason to see the film, it really is quite good.

Machete was exactly what the original fake trailer promised. A grindhouse delight.

Waking Sleeping Beauty was a fabulous doco on Disney studios comeback. A must see for Disney fans, and an interesting slice cinema history for film buffs in general.
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