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One more time... [Jan. 2nd, 2005|08:04 pm]
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This is part of the entry I lost last night...

So, I sent off my latest short story to Big Finish. Yeehaw! I hope they like it since they paid good money for it. For those of you who have dosh and are interested, the collection it will be appearing in is called A Day in the Life. It's their thirteenth Short Trips collection and the third I will have appeared in. The previous two I was in (co-writing with the marvelous Ian "Mondy" Mond) were Past Tense and Monsters.

For reviews of our Past Tense effort Of the Mermaid and Jupiter you can see the crap kicked out of us here in a review by Lawrence Conquest. Of course if I wanted to be less honest, I could just give you his review in this form -
In Ian Mond and Danny Heap’s ‘Of The Mermaid and Jupiter’ Benny wants to know why the 7th Doctor has taken to sinking ships off the coast of Australia, 1829. It’s an intriguing set-up... - Lawrence Conquest

Or I could make him look insane -
In Ian Mond and Danny Heap’s ‘Of The Mermaid and Jupiter’ Benny wants to... set-up... the Doctor using... a nuclear bomb to crack a nut. The authors realise... that the 7th Doctor is very thick indeed... and... terribly clumsy. - Lawrence Conquest

Or just let you see his basic thoughts about us -
‘Of The Mermaid and Jupiter'... Shoddy work. - Lawrence Conquest

However, now I've had my fun (and it was fun, my dears) I am happy to report that George Ivanoff considered us one of the highlights, along with Bide-a-Wee by Anthony Keetch.

Matt Michael, from Doctor Who Monthly #349, said 'Of the Mermaid and Jupiter' is a lovely, humane story for the Seventh Doctor and Bernice..." Yes, I've done the editing thing to that one, but only because Matt gave away our ending. That's okay, if I ever meet him, I'm buying him a drink. First review in DWM and it was nice.

The Whoniverse Discontinuity Guide had this to say -
The Bottom Line: A charming story that manages to be whimsical without being silly, and exploits the real life sinking of a string of ships without loss of life to great effect. The Doctor's motivation is touching, especially since this story is set during the New Adventures, when the Seventh Doctor was at his most manipulative. - Paul Clarke

Due to an accident involving a contraceptive and a time machine, Best Seller ended up as the first story in the Monsters collection. I knew our title may give us problems, but forgot to change it. Richard McGinlay took advantage of my laxity and offered this comment -
The collection does not get off to a good start with Best Seller which - ironically, given that it concerns a best-selling book - isn’t very readable at all.

If you'd like to read what my close personal friend Lawrence had to say, click here. Oh, be warned, Lawrence's review gives away the ending. However, here's the short version that tells you all you need to know, with no spoilers -
‘Best Seller’ by Ian Mond and Danny Oz... What beats me is why it needed two people to come with something so pedestrian? A poor start. - Lawrence Conquest

Yeah, Sean Williams preferred Mermaid too. But he didn't seem to mind Best Seller too much in his email, and was looking forward to reading more stuff from Ian "Tripod" Mond and myself. So maybe we aren't quite that awful :)

When I get some more reviews I'll post them up, good or bad.

The story for Day in the Life is called Sold Out and features the Sixth Doctor and Mel at a literal dream concert. I actually wrote the whole thing while in Perth, sitting quietly on Tiki's front verandah. It was the ideal place to write because I like sitting on verandahs and had the place to myself as she was at work for a good chunk of the time. I actually got a couple of stories written there, but that was the only one that was definitely going to pay.

There's a couple of local small press collections coming out in the next year that I need to get my act together for. They aren't paying but I'd like to get something in them. I have to be in the fourth Mitch? collection. Much smaller book this time around, but with some great company :)


PS I did the html coding all on my own! With no help!
Now if only I was toilet trained...

[User Picture]From: meljane
2005-01-03 03:09 am (UTC)
Congrats on the story submission *hugs* from the both of us
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[User Picture]From: tikiwanderer
2005-01-04 02:22 am (UTC)
Yay for html coding! btw, you can put up livejournal users using the flag (angle bracket)lj-user=XXX (end angle bracket).

And yay for couches on verandahs! I had dinner on mine last night. It's still my favourite spot in the house. Very peaceful and free. BTW, I got my film developed. I have a photo of you sitting on the couch writing this story. The grimace on your face at being interrupted by a camera is quite cool :-)
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[User Picture]From: dalekboy
2005-01-04 05:02 am (UTC)
Well I was doing ok on my html until you wrote that... No, wait I think I - Nah its gone.

You have a great verandah. Quiet and secluded enough for some privacy even as you watch the world go by. Don't remember you taking the photo, but look forward to seeing it when I'm in town for Gengiscon.

So, does your couch still retain the imprint on the left-hand cushion of my near-perfect bottom?
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