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This is my life at the moment

I suspect Sharon and I could have done with more than three hours sleep each.

By this point of the day, I have seen to all the needs of the children. I've put nappies on to wash, read Lex a book, and have just sat down. Now to eat, then put Lex and/or MaybeZoe down for a nap. Then I have a choice between trying to get some more sleep myself, or doing some of the many, many, many jobs I'm hideously behind on.

At six this morning I thought of a job that I'd completely forgotten about for the last two months, and now it's too late to do it. I feel bad about that, but I'm trying not to beat myself up about it because there were plenty of other people who should have noticed and they could have either reminded me or done it themselves. I'm still annoyed at myself, however.

I've actually been improving energy-wise over the last five days or so, the last couple of which I've started taking the multi-vitamins that Shaz bought for me to try and give me a boost. There is a cruel irony to the fact that the woman with no sex-drive bought her usually lascivious husband vitamins where 25% of the points made on the label are to do with improving male sexual performance. Needless to say, while my energy levels were improving a little anyway, I am now totally distracted by a libido I have no time or left over energy to deal with.

On the plus side, at nine-thirty last night Sharon and I watched West Wing while we ate popcorn, then ice cream.
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