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So, yesterday (it's actually taken a while to write this, so a day or two ago, in fact) found time/energy to post, and to deal with a couple of emails. Most non-child/household related stuff I've managed in a while.

Last night, MaybeZoe kept me up until 1:30, then kept Sharon up until 4:30, then Lex awoke at 8:30. And the sleep I had was broken.

So, now I'm zombie boy. And Sharon is zombie girl. But both our children are awake and happy!

Lex is loving Doctor Who. I have a great picture by a fellow named Paul Hanley that I show him, and he picks which Doctor he'd like to watch. Then we spend the next few days working our way through the story, and when done, he picks another.

He occasionally asks specifically for a story with Daleks, Cybermen, or K9, but more often he asks for a "cary one," which is how he says "scary one." Most of the time the biggest reaction he'll have to a frightening one is to edge his way onto my lap, which he does with everything. However, Stones of Blood got a solid fear response out of him at one point. Was it the big stones attacking people, or the scene where they drain the campers' blood? Nope, it was the moment when the flashing lights that represent the Megara exit their cell. Lex not only jumped, and made an involuntary squeak, he then froze solid for several seconds until he got used to them.

Here's a link to a youtube clip, Lex's terror started at 5:12, and it was about half a minute before he relaxed.

MaybeZoe's six teeth of doom have now become seven, hence her keeping us awake last night. She's still almost but not quite crawling. Like Lex at that age, she's generally a pretty cheery child.

At the moment I also have a full beard happening, a reaction to having to shave right through December because I was playing Father Christmas, and MaybeZoe loves it. Nothing delights her more than grabbing my facial hair with both hands and pulling it as hard as she can. I let her do it, and she knows I love her doing it from what must obviously be tears of joy in my eyes.

Feeling very depressed, probably because of all the recent health issues. Of course, most people can't tell when I'm down. Was walking around singing various made-up songs to Lex today, and mum said, "Gee, Daddy's happy." And I thought, no, I'm really depressed and want to curl up in a ball in the bedroom and cry, but entertaining my kids is something I enjoy and it takes the edge off.

Am enjoying wearing my usual colourful and mismatched socks when I take Lex to preschool. For Lex it's the norm with dad, the other kids just stare at my socks for the first few minutes that I'm there :)

Getting the urge to write again, which feels nice. All the post-stroke issues with mixed up words have mostly passed, but the hit to my confidence still lingers. But I've never stopped having ideas. Plus, working my way through Reasoning With Vampires, which the utterly fabulous fearofemeralds posted a link to, has shown me that technically I'm a much better writer than Stephenie Meyer.

The end of season three of Being Human totally kicked arse. I've also seen the first five episodes of the web spin-off Becoming Human and that's quite good as well. I'm curious to check out the American version of Being Human, but will have to wait a few months to make sure I'm not judging it unfairly against the awesomeness that was season three of the original series.

Oh, and it's worth reminding people again. If you need to contact me, and it's important to you that I receive your message, SMSing is not a good idea. I consistently get messages days after they were sent, and if someone sends me two messages close together, I will often get the second one, but not the first. If I reply via SMS, you may not receive it either.

Ringing me on the mobile is also fairly useless. I've been told by a number of people that it rang out at my end when I know I had the phone next to me the whole day. Landline is the best option. I'm always happy to ring you back so you're not footing the cost of the bill.

whitepages.com.au - bastard, Cooma, NSW

When I sing (well I call it singing, it's closer to Dory talking to the whale in Finding Nemo) at Lex about stuff, I don't try to rhyme, I just try to maintain a mostly consistent tune. So I'll sing, "Noooo, you can't touch my computer, because you will stuff something up, like you always doooooooo..." What's great about this is Lex now tries to answer in a sing-song voice. "Want plaaaaay dad's pootaaaaa..."
"No nonono nonono nono nono"
"Yeeeeessss, yes yes."
And so on.

Have nearly finished watching/listening to season four of original Doctor Who for this year's Swancon. For various reasons, I have not experienced most of these stories in a non-novelisation format, so it's been great to go through them. It's been many years since I read most of them, so my knowledge of many is basic at best. What all that means is this - I am getting to experience new Doctor Who, and it's all Patrick Troughton.

Interestingly, that combined with some of the stories I've watched with Lex, have really helped nail some of the sad omissions that the pacing of new series Who has for me. Not to mention elements introduced with RTD and continued by Moffatt (so far) that while being really cool, don't sit right.

I'll give two brief examples before moving on.

If the new series were to do something like Ribos Operation I doubt very much we'd ever get the 'they'll say Binro was right' scene, which is one of the most beautiful moments in the show's history. But I suspect it would be considered too long and too slow. I hope to be proved wrong in seasons to come.

Picture the most popular Doctor from the original series, Tom Baker, saying this, "Didn't anyone ever tell you? There's one thing you never put in a trap. If you're smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there's one thing you never, ever put in a trap... Me." It really doesn't sit right, does it? Nor do some of the superheroics foisted upon Tennant's Doctor.

That said, having seen what a manipulative, genocidal bastard the second Doctor can be, I can almost hear him saying those lines, and being really quiet and almost friendly the whole time.

Finally, here's a few photos of the kids -



Lex Zoe_0004a

Lex reads to Zoe_0002a

Lex Sleeping with TARDIS_0001a

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